• Alison J. Talyor 1

Alison J. Taylor

I'm a painter working primarily in oils, and occasionally in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. Since graduating from Emily Carr University in 2009, I have been exploring an intuitive style of painting.
  • Alanna-Wood-1

Alanna Wood

Facebook page
I am an Emily Carr University of Art + Design graduate and have exhibited locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Sea-Anthology

Amber Webster

In the classic movie “The Little Mermaid”, Ariel lives in a whole other world under the sea. She loves collecting treasures from up above. Within her collection of human-made “thingamabobs” . . .
  • Bette-Chadwick-2

Bette Chadwick

Bette Chadwick was born in Lancashire, England and immigrated to Canada in 1957. An avid water colourist she is now exploring acrylics on canvas, paper, wood and gelli plate.
  • Betty-Pehme-3

Betty Pehme

Image making is my journey of exploration. I have a healthy curiosity and a need to express myself creatively through painting, mixed media, collage and printmaking, etc.
  • Bev Brawley 2

Bev Brawley

“The unique human ability to see, to be aware, to respond, to bring something new into being, is very evident in Bev’s work.” - Nita Ross, Artist
  • Escapees-From-the-Net

Bill Thomson

As an artist who works with found and recycled materials I utilize simple fabrication techniques and processes to transform common manufactured goods into up-cycled products or forms that offer alternative meanings . . .
  • Rusteel(squared)

Bill Wilkinson & Anne Crook

These two artists came across pieces of corroded metal at different times and in different places and decided to assemble them into one piece of art . . .
  • Brian-Romer-2

Brian Romer

Sechelt’s Brian Romer is a painter of Westcoast landscapes in the Canadian tradition. Most paintings are typically done on a small board en plein air, with some later reinterpreted on a large studio canvas.
  • Bruce-Edwards-1

Bruce Edwards

Bruce has shown his artwork locally and throughout the state of Washington as well as Alaska, Hawaii West Africa. He has had numerous private commissions, and been engaged in public art with elementary students.
  • Christel

Christel Evers

Transformation inspired me to submit my found trash. As I walked along the beach the objects came into my sight and I left a cleaner beach . . .
  • Christy-Sverre-2

Christy Sverre

Bright colours, curious shapes and an explosion of energy characterize my semi-abstract paintings. Working with generous amounts of paint and a dollop of abandonment, I try to capture the joy I find in my subject.
  • David-J-Taylor-2

David J. Taylor

David J. Taylor creates compelling abstract paintings, drawing from his colourful professional life experience as a successful multi-disciplinary record producer, audio post sound artist and singer-songwriter
  • the-suitcase

Derek von Essen

I recycle and re-contextualize discarded objects to create and overcome compositional challenges of combining common materials. Much like building a puzzle, I get the same thrill from using salvaged items when they form a connection to each other . . .
  • Diane-Miles-2

Diane Miles

I am a self-taught abstract artist that started painting four years ago, and have since discovered it has become an all-consuming passion. I am inspired by a need to create, and a love of colour, fashion and design.
  • antelope

Dominic Main

The forest is an inspiration. Regenerating itself – dead trees feeding the next generation of growth; the burnt offering of a forest fire clearing the way for new plants and trees . . .
  • 2018-4b

Donna Balma

March 7 – April 1, 2018
I have allowed the visual lexicon of my life’s experience to influence my own exploration of colour, shape and imagery.
  • Elaine-Hunter-3

Elaine Hunter

My goal is to uplift, inspire and support you on your journey through life. I wish to excite you as you gaze upon the images of Nature that I create. I feel that I am revealing the soul of Nature, and hope that you too, experience the love that I have in my heart for the world around me.
  • Elaine Seepish 2

Elaine Seepish

Facebook page
I consider myself a student of many aspects of artistic expression and hope I will always be learning.
  • em4

Elizabeth Macdonald

I am a practicing professional artist of 45 years. Though self-taught, my education has varied with architecture, painting, and graphic arts.
  • shattered

Ellen Heale

Shattered is a reflection on the 'broken' aspects associated with everyday 'trash', over packaging, waste and the need to consciously mend our ways . . .
  • 2018-11b

Eugenia Stephenson – Painting with Fibre

September 19 – October 14
These pieces demonstrate and bring out that magic through the exaggeration of colour and texture.
  • Evelyn-Sloboda-2

Evelyn Sloboda

Working intuitively with acrylic paint and mixed media, I play with colour, texture, mood and movement. I want to create a sense of depth, mystery and energy.
  • Francine Desjardins 1

Francine Desjardins

Desjardins incorporates a variety of materials and techniques in her art. Her main focus is in the use of shape, colour and texture
  • Heather Conn Visual Artist 2

Heather Conn

Heather Conn, MFA, has loved creating collages since childhood. Today, she is a trained SoulCollage® facilitator and owner of Sunshine Coast SoulCollage®.
  • Hiroshi Shimazaki 3

Hiroshi Shimazaki

A cultural geographer and self-taught watercolourist, my love of sketching and painting developed in tandem with my academic interests.
  • Ian-MacLeod-2

Ian Macleod

I take painting seriously - I'm committed to my growth as an artist and therefore disciplined - it's all I do.
  • Janice-Edmonds-3

Janice Edmonds

Janice was born on the Sunshine Coast and has lived here all her life. She has been painting for 15 years and her paintings are inspired by nature.
  • summertime

Janice McFegan

Working with beautiful papers is always an inspiration for me and brings me great joy . . .
  • Janice Rafael 3

Janice Rafael

Janice Rafael is a self-taught, contemporary abstract painter. Starting her artistic career in high school by winning a fine arts award, Janice has since presented her work in over 10 juried art exhibitions in the UK and Canada.
  • Jen Drysdale 1

Jen Drysdale

Strongly influenced by nature on the Sunshine Coast, along with my love of representational shapes and figures, my work, painted in both acrylics and oils, truly expresses my inner life.
  • 2018-12

Jennifer Goodwin – Floral Dialogues

September 19 – October 14
I have been working with botanical imagery for many years, constantly exploring new mediums and visual expressions that allow me to portray the movement, energy and freshness of the surrounding natural environment.
  • jg2

Jessica A. Gihon

"My work evolves intuitively, images develop without any preconceived ideas. I enjoy the constant evolution of a piece, the changes, the challenges and the accidents that emerge are what feeds my creativity.”
  • John-Tesloveanu-3

John Tesloveanu

Always an outdoors man, John enjoys portraying the natural world around him and capturing moments that have made an impression on him, translating and incorporating them into his art.
  • Jone-Pane-1

Jone Pane

I try to spread joy through forn, colour and image. Happy people don’t want war and respect their fellows. A smile passes from person to person and so do frowns.
  • whole-world-is-collapsing-and-i-drink-tea-with-a-cat

Kasia Krolikowska

Without a formal art education I started my creative adventure out of curiosity of how I could translate on canvas my own state of mind, my perception of colours and shapes . . .
  • Katherine Johnston 1

Katherine Johnston

I find pleasure in the process of transforming my ideas and feelings into visual work and I invite the viewer to participate in and hopefully enjoy my inquiries.
  • Kevin2

Kevin McEvoy

  • dla

Larry Popowich

This piece seems to work like an electrical armature: it collects and holds magnetically any object merely suggested to it . . .
  • ibis-copper

Leonard Brett

The concepts of these works began in a junkyard looking for scraps of copper. I found two copper plates that were memorials from the British army . . .
  • with-a-little-help-from-my-friends

Linda Buckingham

"With a Little Help From My Friends" is a "feel good" piece about neighbours supporting one another during tough times . . .
  • Lynda-Manson-2

Lynda Manson

Lynda Manson grew up in Ontario and graduated from the University of Guelph. She moved with her family to the Sunshine Coast of British Columbia in 2009 after spending many years working as a designer and fibre artist.
  • dolman-above

Mary Dolman

Mary Dolman has established a reputation as a northern artist, with a painting in the Yukon Permanent Collection.
  • spindle-world-(2)

Michael Maser

‘Trash’ is a misnomer, cultivated by a human sensibility that fails to recognize the physical and psychic usefulness of ’things' we callously dismiss and discard . . .
  • copper-emerging

Monica Gewurz

I used recycled man-made materials such as plastic, fabric, cardboard and acrylic paints and medium, complementing it with natural crushed turquoise, copper paint and a layer of copper patina . . .
  • Mark McDermott 3

Mark McDermott

Mark spent one year at Emily Carr and 3 years at Capilano College studying Fine Arts. His first job was a Graphic Designer at Whistler Mountain Resort and he still works as a Graphic Designer.
  • Nefri-Lyske-2

Nefri Lyske

Nefri grew up exploring the various parks of BC and recently the Yukon and Alberta. She found inspiration in the challenge of capturing realistic contrasts of nature's light shows.
  • Pat-Ridgeway-1

Pat Ridgway

Pat Ridgway's paintings reflect the natural beauty, light and energy of her garden, our forests, and the West Coast.
  • Paula-O'Brien-1

Paula O’Brien

Paula O’Brien paints colourful dynamic figurative palette knife oil paintings, exciting bold dance watercolours, plein air oils and watercolours from her travels.
  • bodi-drift-tree

Phillip Jagger

We turn phrases of language and economics into something. A conversation at dinner. Performance high above fado street . . .
  • Wainwright-2

R. B. Wainwright

The joy of being an artist, is that the adventure of never knowing with any certainty where your work will take you - what previously was unknown is suddenly revealed.
  • Roberta-Helena-Mauel-1

Roberta Helena Mauel

As a watercolour artist, I strive to make use of the delicate and translucent nature of this medium to render landscape, floral and architectural images.

Sheila Page

Sheila's work in a variety of media can be seen on the Sunshine Coast Art Crawl or by appointment.
  • Shel Neufeld 3

Shel Neufeld

Shel Neufeld has photographed wild spaces throughout the BC Coast and beyond since arriving in 1997. He displays his images on canvas and prints at countless artisan shows and markets across Canada.
  • castle-cannon

Shelimar Lakowski

A collage of found object trash art called "Street Metal" mixed media art projects. All the base frames, images and metals are used as they were found . . .
  • Naylor-1

Suzy Naylor

I am Suzy Naylor, a painter, living in Roberts Creek. My art is about the process of painting. The subject matter of the painting is only the excuse to play with the paint.
  • notre-ocean-bleu-thumb

Tam Harrington

The intent is to highlight the excess plastic trash floating in our oceans using a fashionista approach to recycling . . .
  • my-life-so-far

Teressa Bernard

This piece was inspired by some of the little bits and pieces I’ve picked up along my walks throughout the years. I always thought they’d be made into something at some point . . .

Theresa Lee

Theresa Lee currently works as a full time artist in her studio on the Sunshine Coast in British Columbia, Canada. Living in the forest area more than 20 years trees and woods naturally became favourite subject matter of her paintings
  • Giselle[2]

Tribes of the Heart

Tribes of the Heart is an eclectic mix of tribal, spiritual and bohemian.
  • shipwrecked

Virginia Harris

My love of the beach began where I spent my summers growing up in a tiny rustic cabin on the beach that my father built from salvaged wood off the beach . . .
  • talk-to-the-moon

Yeonmi Kim

My current work’s theme name is sewstainability, in consideration and inspired by sustainable practice . . .