September 6 – October 5, 2024

Carefully Gathered

Madelyn Prevost (lead), Madelyn Prevost (lead), Amber Friedman, Amber Gould, Andrea Kobus, Barby Paulus , Bob James, Catherine Nicholls, Dianne Lim, Doreen MacLauchlan , Helena Tkalez, Janna Maria Vallee, Janice Talbott, Juliette Jarvis , Mary Bentley, Marianne Hansen , Muriel Prior, Nicola Hodges, Penny Stewart , Robin Razzell

Reception + Artist Talk: Friday, September 6th at 5PM

The exhibition “Carefully Gathered” brings together artists on the Sunshine Coast and asks them to respond to the themes of gathering and care with their work. This work is then combined with mixed media fieldnotes and academic research, and aims to share knowledge in untraditional ways.