• Cook with BC Wine Revised and Updated

A Moose in a Maple Tree

Troy Townsin is the author and publisher of several best-selling and award-winning books for children and for adults. His Cooking with Wine books have sold over 30,000 copies and have won Gourmand World Cookbook awards.
  • Niagra Dress Adhesif Clothing SS16

Adhesif Clothing

"Handmade with up to 95% vintage + reclaimed materials + 100% HEART Adhesif Clothing produces one-of-a-kind, up-cycled statement fashion in Vancouver, BC"
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AK Design

Classic and elegant artisan jewellery designed and created in my home studio using mainly silver, copper, pearls and gemstones.
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Alden Earthworks

Kevan Alden, born a carpenter’s son, has always loved to work with wood, but early in life learned that he also loves to work with metal.
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Annie Aculiak

Annie is an Inuit Felt artist. She was born on the Hudson Bay in a melting Igloo in May of 1958.
  • anthony-jamieson

Anthony Jamieson Designs

Anthony Jamieson Designs specialises in the design and creation of custom, cast architectural glass.
  • 3rdlife

3rd Life Designs

Dawna Silver MA, is a local Counsellor, Artist and Animal Rights Activist. She creates small bags for spiritual and mundane purposes from recycled leather.
  • Kerri-Luciana-Designs-3

Bead and Metal Art Inspirations

Kerri Luciani has been creating eclectic one of a kind pieces of jewelry for over 25 years. Her passion & joy is reflected in each unique piece.
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Bee Kind Co.

Bee Kind beeswax wraps are a sustainable, biodegradable alternative to single-use plastics in the kitchen. Handcrafted, reusable, and compostable. Bee Kind Co. is actively engaged in local marine conservation projects.
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Bentwire Jewelry

My artistic journey started after seeing a copper necklace in a store few years ago. I instantly fell in love with the natural beauty of the metal.
  • Blackford Designs 1

Blackford Designs

Wearable Art Clothing Creations handmade by Artist Stephanie Blackford.
  • Blink-Chocolate

Blink Chocolate

www.blinkchocolate.com Each bark is meticulously hand-crafted from start to finish with thought, care, intimacy and affection that is not felt in chocolate that is mass-produced. The resulting tablettes are unique, often quirky and unique to you the buyer.
  • Botanical-Bliss-2

Botanical Bliss

Robin will be back at Hackett Park Craft Fair this year with her International Award Winning Wild Hip Face Cream and 45 other hand-made herbal creations.
  • Buddies-at-the-Bay

Buddies at the Bay

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Chef Ann

Extensive globetrotting has been a true inspiration for her gourmet sauces, as she has sourced only the finest authentic ingredients in her travels.
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Coast Raven Design Studio

Artie George (Woodcarver) and Richard de la Mare (Silver and Goldsmith) have been creating native art since 1970 and now specialize in art forms of top quality; wood carving and hand carved sterling silver and gold jewelry.
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Coastal Flow Art

Coastal Flow Art focuses on abstract multi-media canvases and three-dimensional craft creations.
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Creek Clayworks

A complete range of ware used in the preparation, serving and consumption of food and drink.
  • Creighton Valley 2

Creighton Valley Apiaries

Creighton Valley Apiaries is a husband and wife team: Chris collects the most delicious varieties of honey while Carla makes beeswax candles with more than 80 different molds.
  • dvorak

Dvorak Gourmet

Like treasured family heirlooms, their recipes have been passed down from generation to generation with great care. Today, Dvorak Gourmet Confections still use these time-tested recipes for their flavoured nuts and have expanded to include other delicious treats such as all-natural almond butter and Dukka.
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Earthly Creatures

A love of nature and materials, original jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature are made in cast pewter, silver, bronze, copper and resin.
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e.b.’s ice cream

Serving quality Foothills ice cream with fresh berry toppings for a local flair.
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We create unique beach glass jewelry, sourced from our beautiful Pacific coastline.
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The Fibre Arts Collective

Showcasing works by local fiber artist Ursula Bentz as well as all-naturally dyed fiber products by Fairy Tale Wool.
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Fibre Art Studio

We hand dye a range of luxury yarns (almost entirely using natural fibres) which are enjoyed by other artisans and crafters.
  • JackPloesser-1

Fire and Ash Studio

Facebook page
Clay is a beguiling material, tactile and mesmerizing to work with. It can be frustrating and demanding but endlessly versatile.
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Gibson Girl Creations

I make leather jewelry, mini albums, scrapbook pages, cards, Beeswax and soy candles100% natural, also cement candle holders and cement hand plant holders.
  • Roll-On-Detox

Healing Scents

Over 80 organic essential oils & aromatherapy products for therapeutic use.
  • flute

Heart Song Flutes

Hand Crafted Native American Style flutes that have been created by Rommy Verlaan and Zak Stolk, on the shores of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, for over 12 years.
  • Hooray Truffles 2

Hooray Truffles

Our gourmet hand-dipped organic dark chocolate truffles are certified vegan, refined sugar free, and gluten free.
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Howl & Home

Howl & Home makes modern dog furniture for the design-savvy animal lover. We focus on functional designs for your pet that are also minimalist objects for your home.
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In the Outdoor Photography

In the Outdoor Photography shares with you the Travels of Wayne Anderton through the eye of his Camera Lens.
  • JackOlive1

Jack Olive

My glazed work is fired to the low end of the stone ware temperature range at cone 1. It is food safe and oven proof.
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Kitchen Rejuvenation

Our company's name is Kitchen Rejuvenation and we make Sprouted and baked Falafels and plates.
  • lgemstone

Lorna Gemstone Jewelry

Facebook page
Lorna O’Grady enjoys making beautiful bracelets using a variety of beautiful gemstones offering an on-the-spot sizing service.
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Luli Designs

"Handmade bead charm and metal jewelry with a touch of whimsy"
  • caravanlg

Magical Garden Caravans and Signs

We create Magical Caravans and Good vibes signs inspired by the gorgeous Sunshine Coast. We also make colourful Garden Totems and customized signs to enchant the free spirit in you!
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Maria Zaron Pottery

Raku work is all individually hand built. Functional pottery is thrown on the wheel or hand built. Bracelets are one of a kind, made with glass and metal beads.
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Michele Tenning

With the large selection of handmade beads, this booth will inspire your creativity to create your own project or purchase one of the inspirational driftwood mobile that are on display.
  • MikelGrant-3

Mikel Grant Jewellery

The power of self-expression through art has driven me throughout my life and given me a unique connection to others.
  • Kaye Miller 3

Miller Woodturning & Treenware

Kaye and Roberta Miller, aka Miller Woodturning and Treenware, are participants at Hackett Park and for the past 15 years, remain a part of the Sunshine Coast crafts scene.
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Mixed Metal Mimi

Vancouver Island artist Mimi Roy of Mixed Metal Mimi upcycles vintage silver, copper and brass plates, platters and serving trays into one of a kind jewelry and accessories.
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Modern Hippie Health & Wellness

Carly makes sustainable and all-natural health and beauty products from her home in Halfmoon Bay, BC.
  • Molten-Spirit-Glass-Studio-1

Molten Spirit Glass Studio

Chris Motloch of Molten Spirit Glass Studio creates beautifully patterned and unique blown glassware, ornaments, sculptures and garden art.
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Mustard Seed Clay Creations

Ray and Bev specialize in unique functional and sculptural teapots and a wide variety of beautiful pottery to celebrate humanity, ideas and skills transformed by creativity.
  • Nell's-Embroidery1

Nell Burns – “Nell’s Embroidery”

I essentially draw and paint with thread, using the needle as a pencil, and the fabric as my canvas. I’m constantly challenged and excited by the possibilities this technique offers.
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Ogilvie Designs

Tie-dye with a modern twist. Inspired by the 4th Ave Hippie movement in Vancouver. All hand dyed in my kitchen sink.
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Okanagan Pink Salt Co.

If you are looking for a healthy seasoning than you have arrived at the website created just for you and your loved ones - because... there is no life without Salt.
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One Thing Lockets

Each locket shares a message from someone in the world to show how valuable and connected each person is! All jewelry is made from pure materials that are ethically sourced and made in Vancouver, Canada!
  • Sinful-Designs-3

Out Designs

I am a gem cutter and carver, with a fine arts/ sculpture background. As a gem cutter, I buy the rough rock, slab it, sand and polish it until I have the final product — the cabochon.
  • pamela-pic2

Pamela Roberts Designs

I am a jeweller and a metal smith, I work primarily with silver often incorporating gold, enamel and gemstones into my designs.
  • skidd3

Patrick Skidd

I uncover the latent potential and beauty in off cut scraps of domestic and exotic woods. I painstakingly bend and shape veneers into intricate 3-D art pieces.
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Peter Nicholls

A fourth generation artist. Digital Art and Design. Photographer.
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Pottery by Golly

I enjoy working with high fired stoneware and porcelain. I produce both handbuilt and thrown ceramics. Much of my work is whimsical because I love to play with facial expressions.
  • Rabbit-Hill-Farm

Rabbit Hill Farm

Purveyor of fine Jams, Jellies and Sauces, veggies and flowers starters, eggs and veggies.
  • Ratatouille-Designs-2

Rataouille Designs

After 30+ years in the corporate world I was “right-sized.” A Canadian friend suggested that I combine business with pleasure and seek out antique and vintage French textiles and “work with them”.
  • Red Pot Pottery 2

Red Pot Pottery

My work explores the beauty of nature, color and form. My collections consist of dishes, plates, bowls, cups, vases, teapots and decoration plates.
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Robert Cerins

Using the mediums of high quality acrylic and watercolour paint on the varied surfaces of baltic birch plywood, plexiglass, yupo, terra skin, canvas and watercolour paper my energy takes a two or three dimensional form and goes out into the world, to bring joy.
  • Rock-Flocks

Rock Flocks

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Roots & Roses

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Rooted in the cycles of the earth, the 5 elements and the sacredness of ceremony, Roots & Roses has arisen through a deep attunement to Nature.
  • Sandra-Ramos-Image-1

Sandra Ramos Ceramics

Facebook page
Her work is salt-glazed and wood-fired in her salt/wood kiln in Madeira Park, BC. She has exhibited her work in galleries in BC and Alberta. Her work can be found at Crafthouse and craft shows around BC.
  • sherabos3

Sherabo Organics

100% Organic Premium East African Shea Butter.
  • shi1

Shi Studio

Shi Studio fuses silk, glass, silver, brass, pearls, gemstones and leather into beautiful handmade jewelry and accessories.
  • Soul-Comfort-Sheep's-Wool-2

Soul Comfort Sheep’s Wool

We’re all about helping you to discover wool – the miracle fibre.
  • Neva-Murtha-3

Spiral River Designs

Spiral River Designs are inspired by light, the sun, the ocean, nature, stars, truth, big old wise trees, stones of all types, as well as the alchemy of silence and the creative process that flows forth.
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Spirited Ceramics

We high-fire porcelain and stoneware clay bodies which are customized for different projects. We also develop our own glazes and fire our work to cone 10 in a reduction or oxidation environment. The clay can be made into any project or size. We love creating ideas with our clients and working together
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Steamin’ Bean

We are a family owned mobile food and coffee vendor serving the Sunshine Coast, BC with unique menu items and specialty drinks.
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Sushma Dass

East Indian Food Samosas, Pakora, Curry chickpeas, fruit Kabob, Rice, Chai tea, chutney.
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Swirly Spoons

Swirly Spoons is the original and proudly Canadian name behind the home-made, stainless steel and beaded serving-ware.
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Talann Creations

Facebook Page
Talann Creations provides laser engraving services with a wide range of interesting products with wood, glass, metal, paper and fabric!
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Terrific Creations

We manufacture and sell products for your home made from the best quality cotton fabrics. Eg. Place-mats, hand towels, oven mitts, ironing board covers, covers for appliances, table runners, pot holders and so very much more………
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Tien Neo Eamas

I am a Wizard. I have been smithing for over 20 years and offer an extensive collection of hand built Sterling Silver and Gold jewellery.
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TOODLEBUNNY Designs is an imaginative jewellery collection with feminine yet edgy pieces. Clean lines and bold simplicity are combined with whimsical charms creating modern adornments.
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Tracy Lewis

After working as an animator and teaching animation for many years, Tracy Lewis has taken a side turn, creating ceramic house lanterns with warmth and whimsy.
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Tree Spirit Wood Carvings

Each tree spirit comes alive with its own personality, sometimes they cry, smile,frown or wink!
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Tulloch Fine Arts

I am an oil painter, with the majority of my work showcasing local scenes of the Sunshine Coast, as well as lilies and birds.
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Two Crows Perogies & More

Two Crows offers traditional, home-cooked style food bundled with the convenience of a food truck.
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Water Shed Naturals

Eco-luxe Botanical Skincare, Handcrafted Luxury Soap, Botanical Makeup, Aromatherapy Perfume, and Natural Probiotic Deodorant.
  • Shel Neufeld 3

Wildart Photography

www.wildartphotography.com Shel Neufeld has photographed wild spaces throughout the BC Coast and beyond since arriving in 1997. He displays his images on canvas and prints at countless artisan shows and markets across Canada.
  • wolfpup2

Wolfpups Studio

Wolfpups Studio is a small batch silkscreened clothing line based in Robert Creek, BC. Our designs are inspired by the rugged beauty of the West Coast and all the creatures that dwell within it.
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Woodpecker’s Toys

Handmade wooden toys and costumes that will fire children's imagination.
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Yapes Paints – Art by April Lacheur

April Lacheur is an acrylic painter from Maple Ridge creating colorful interpretations of west coast nature with focus on trees and exposed tree roots. Original paintings on canvas and wood, art prints, greeting cards and ornaments.
  • zb2

Zaruba Beads

Tetiana Zaruba is known as an intricate artist with her pieces of genuine bead work that combine unique blend of Ukrainian Folk and North-West Traditional motives.
  • zj1

Zula Jewelry and Design

Handcrafted artisanal jewelry that serves as a bridge between the Natural World and You, designed to represent and deepen your connection to the Earth, the Cosmos and your truest Self.