Current Exhibition


Re-Wildings – Cath Hughes

November 24 – December 22
Re-Wildings is a curated exhibition developed in response to issues of climate change, and a questioning as to what this term might mean, both for civilization, and for us as individuals.

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Past Exhibitions


En Masse

An exhibition of ceramic works by Aileen Vantomme. Inspired by the ubiquitous sea shell: from the calming effects discovered through the search and collection of individual specimens, to the descriptive qualities when considered collectively.

Japanese Views

Fukumaru applies Kintsugi mending to ceramics either made or collected by Lewis. Kintsugi is a five-hundred-year-old Japanese method of mending damaged ceramics using special Urushi tree sap (lacquer) dusted with gold powder to highlight (rather than hide) restorations.

Branching Songs

June 23–August 13
An ongoing collaborative project that draws attention to trees and forests in the West Coast region. The team experiments with sound and new media technologies, alongside land-based practices, to create artworks and encounters that aim to build awareness about the critical role trees and forests play in ecosystem health — ecosystems we are part of.

Flow – Allyson Clay

October 13 – November 11
This exhibition includes a selection of work made through the last 40 years that expresses the breadth of Allyson Clay’s practice.