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Annual Friends of the Gallery (FOG) Exhibition

January 6–February 7, 2016
This exhibition features original work created in 2015 by members of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council.
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“Soul to Surface” – Leif Kristian Freed

February 10–March 13, 2016
My art is a process of aimless painting. With a specific experience in mind, paint splatters and runs onto the canvas. Eventually the piece takes shape into something that I can work on. Inspired, I continue until I feel it is ready to be shown.
  • Ginny-Vail

“Soul to Surface” – Ginny Vail

February 10–March 13, 2016
I've always been involved in the creative world, using many different mediums. I recently challenged myself to paint on canvas. No easy task, I have discovered.
  • Taylor

“Chances Are” – David j Taylor

March 16–April 17, 2016
Seeking connection between sound and the visual realm, this exhibit shows the wide variety of my abstract paintings.
  • Tesloveanu

“Nature in my Time” – John Tesloveanu

March 16–April 17, 2016
As I age I have become more aware of the life cycle, birth and death - sometimes in the guise of a fallen old tree giving space and nourishment to new young saplings, or the beauty that sometimes lies beneath a tree …
  • dk

The Young People’s Show

April 20th - May 29th, 2016
This exhibit has become a favourite among many of the Art Centre’s visitors. The students’ work never fails to amaze and often belies the age of the creators.
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Refraction: Queer Artists of the Sunshine Coast

June 1–July 3, 2016
Coinciding with Sunshine Coast Pride, this group exhibition showcases the diverse talents and skills of eight LGBTQ artists on the Sunshine Coast.
  • Hawkfeather-Peterson

“Self” – Hawkfeather Peterson

July 6–August 7, 2016
Seeking celebration of our inner and outer beauty, “Self" is an exhibition geared towards exploring our perception of who we are.
  • L-Manson

“From There to Here: A Journey Through the Cosmos From Nothing to Nebulae to Nations “ – Lynda Manson

July 6–August 7, 2016
This collection of paintings will illustrate some possibilities to consider of the beginnings of our existence.
  • keith-burdon

“Works in Wood” – Woodcrafters

August 10–September 11, 2016
This is a wide-ranging show in the medium of wood displaying musical instruments, watercraft, furniture, cabinets, carvings, turnings, sculpture, and more from skilled amateurs and professionals in our community of the Sunshine Coast.
  • Mental-Health

“Seeing and Being Seen” – Mental Health Group Show

September 14–October 16, 2016
Our intention is to provide an opportunity for people with mental illness and addictions to be visible in terms of their individual creative expression.
  • Bodhi-Drope

“Sculpture of the Sea” – Bodhi Drope

October 19–November 17, 2016
I was wandering an island beach off the coast of Chile at low tide. In the distance I saw what could have been a sculpture. As I got closer it changed from a dark silhouette into a fishing boat lying on her side. So began this series.
  • Krolikowska

“Where I Am Coming From” – Kasia Krolikowska

October 19–November 17, 2016
The title of my exhibition can relate to geographical and cultural as well as political aspects of my background. But where I really am coming from, in art especially, is from within.