April 19 – May 11, 2024

Life Drawing Exhibition

Brain McFayden, Cindy Riach, Claude Perreault, Christel Evers, Darlynne Gehring, Devon Blean, Janice McFegan, Judith Miller, Kathy O’Brien, Kevin Wells, Nena Braathen, Pamela K Lee, Paula O’Brien, Paula Sawadsky, Vicky Marshall, Victor Wong 

Reception + Artist Talk: Friday, April 19th at 5pm

This exhibition marks the 39th anniversary of the Tuesday Life Drawing Group and includes drawings completed between 2022 and 2024. Drawings include works in pencil, pen, conté, charcoal and digital drawings on iPad. Drawings untouched in the studio back home have a spontaneity, freshness and immediacy ordinarily not seen in art exhibitions where the usual criteria include polish and composition. Drawing times range from one to thirty minutes and range from fine portrait drawings to bold and brushy colourful works of full or partial nudes.  

These lively drawings show the freshest impression of human form an artist can make. Artists selected their best 8-15 drawings to hang; filling the entire exhibition space, conveying something of the tremendous and unpolished output, energy, and diversity of style resulting in an impressive celebration of the magnitude and diversity of humanity.  

Our artists range from decades of experience to those just starting out with life drawing or getting back to it after many years away.  

A selection of pieces included in this exhibition demonstrate how artists take their life drawing skills further in their studios, creating finished pieces with printmaking, sculpture and painting. 

Artists in the group are drawn together by respect for the time-honoured discipline of drawing from life and by a respect for the beauty and complexity of the human body. They are there to learn their craft, sharpen the skill of “seeing” and are grateful for the privilege to draw the nude body under natural daylight at the Arts Centre.