The Louise Baril award honours the memory of Louise Baril, a revered member of the Arts Council Board and Program director of Countryside Concerts from 1990 through to 1994, as well as an active participant in the Sunshine Coast music scene. Louise died in November of 1994. Applicants are nominated by the Sunshine Coast Music Festival for an award of $300.

Recipients are selected by an Advisory Committee made up of local arts and culture community members and SCAC Board members.


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Past Winners


Awarded to: Cassidy Wieler


Awarded to: Spāde


Awarded to: Emily Picard


a8Awarded to: Hanna Crudele (accepted by Hanna’s step-father, Geoff Davis) and presented by nominator, Carolyn Mitchell.


Awarded to: Simon Gidora award4


Awarded to: Breanna Picard Breanna Picard..