Anna Banana – Volunteer since 2005

“I’m an artist working in non-traditional ways (no painting/sculpting etc.) but still enjoy the works of others and the creative values of artists vs consumerism, status and sports.”


Bette Chadwick – Volunteer Since 2013

“I love being surrounded by art and creative people, and help out my community at the same time!”


Bill Campbell – Volunteer since 2015

“After moving here from Cedar on Vancouver Island, I was searching for an organization to volunteer for. I chanced upon a request from SC Arts Council for volunteers. Needing attention I offered to do some much needed work in the gardens.”


Devon Blean – Volunteer since 2009

“I chose to volunteer with the SCAC when I first moved in Sechelt in 2009 in order to meet artsy people. I am interested in life drawing so I use the gallery frequently and now I’m happily involved with the banner project.”


Freda McDermott – Volunteer since 2014

“I was first a volunteer at The Art’s Centre in 1989 and again in 2014 to the present day. I have a son who is an artist and I’m passionate about the Arts in its many forms. I love working in the Gallery, dealing with the public and working with other volunteers. I especially admire Sheenah Main who is a first class administrator and good friend. She is wonderful with artists and volunteers alike showing all a great deal of respect. Everyone does a fantastic job and we work so well together. It’s my favourite day of the week to be in the Gallery and like to turn my hand to any task given.”


Jan Adaskin – Volunteer since 2001

“I grew up in a very poor family in Manitoba and was not exposed to fine art until I met my husband, Gordon Adaskin, who was a well-known prairie artist. Through his eyes, I learned to love many forms of art and cannot imagine living my life without it. After his death in 2001, I volunteered at the Arts Centre in Sechelt and served on the Board of Directors for approximately 4 years. I continue to “gallery sit” on occasion and enjoy it very much.”


Joan Payne – Volunteer since 2000

“I volunteer because I believe in the importance of art and that how we are seen as a culture through our art.”


Katherine Johnston – Volunteer since 2006

“When I came to the Sunshine Coast 20 years ago, my first experience of the Arts Centre was joining the drop-in life drawing sessions which I have continued to this day. Later I became a volunteer and also have been a member of the Board of Directors. Since leaving that post, I have continued to volunteer. As an artist this allows me to remain connected with the arts community and to support the Arts Centre’s wide-ranging artistic and cultural contributions to the Sunshine Coast.”


Linda Hoechstetter

“After retiring seven years ago I started to volunteer with the Sunshine Coast Arts Council in Sechelt. I love the art, artists, and visitors as well as staff at SCAC.”


Lynn Brown – Volunteer since 2015

“I enjoy greeting visitors to the Gallery and I love being surrounded by the paintings in an atmosphere of tranquility.”


Mary Dolman – Volunteer since 2014

“I first started volunteering for the Sunshine Coast Arts Council in the fall of 2014 when I was new to Sechelt. Volunteering helps me to connect with the community and other artists, while making a contribution to promoting the arts and local creativity. I’m originally from the Vancouver area, and lived up north in the Yukon for many years before deciding to make Sechelt my home.”


Sharon O’Brien – Volunteer since 2005

“Volunteering for the SCAC gives me an opportunity to see what the visual artists’ community is doing as well as helping to keep our beautiful gallery open to the public. It would be most unfortunate if our local artists didn’t have a venue for their works.”


Sheila Page – Volunteer since 1984

Sheila has coordinated the Volunteer Gallery attendants since 2010. She has supported the Sunshine Coast Arts Council since its early days because encouraging the arts creates a more connected, creative and richer community for all.


Steve Murdoch – Volunteer since 2005

Steve Murdoch decided to volunteer with the Sunshine Coast Arts Council because volunteering makes for an all-around good feeling – art can be friend or foe; guns or knives, it’s all the same to him.