Anagram plays an exciting mix of latin, swing and funk tunes as well as original compositions. They have performed at numerous festivals, including the Vancouver International Jazz Festival and the Pender Harbour Jazz Festival. They [read more]

Ashley Hautala

My name is Ashley Hautala. I’ve been playing/singing/writing for 11 years. In 2016 I released my EP called “Hope For Love” available on all streaming sites.

Billy Hillpickers Band

The Billy Hillpicker Band is known on the Sunshine Coast for their good time traditional and contemporary acoustic roots, bluegrass, and folk music.

Joe Stanton

“With intricate fingerstyle guitar, earthy baritone and lyrics from life, Joe Stanton does what he loves – writing and performing acoustic music.”

G. Willy

G Willy has entertained crowds in the Pacific North West and beyond for over 40 years. His shows are energetic and interactive.

Grant Olsen

In the style of Prine, Young and Van Zandt, Grant combines simple story-telling with poetic feel and hard-pan realism.

Martini Madness

Martini Madness plays a lively mix of festive vocal jazz, bossa nova, samba and original tunes. Featuring Kevin Crofton on guitar and vocals, Andy Amanovich on bass and Graham Walker on drums and percussion.

Michelle Morand

Michelle Morand will perform her highly engaging blend of sweet vocals & acoustic guitar. Come say hello!

Trudy D’ambrumenil

Trudi is a child and youth care professional, a recreational gymnastics and trampoline coach, clown, an actor, and has a passion for the arts of all sorts. She also plays the ukulele and sings out [read more]

Blue Plate Special

"Blue Plate Special" is a band of many colours , playing everything from originals to Reggae to old time Americana , from Cajun to Traditional Blues music from Chicago to the Delta of the Mississippi.


Brushstrokes is an informal group of artists who have painted together weekly for a number of years, enjoying the process of creating art in a supportive and relaxed environment. Their art includes various subject matters [read more]

Coast Cultural Alliance

The Coast Cultural Alliance was established in 1998 as a non-profit society to enhance the arts and cultural tourism economies of the Sunshine Coast and to project a single, strong voice for local culture. The [read more]

Deer Crossing The Art Farm

Founded on five acres of traditional Squamish territory just north of Gibsons BC, Deer Crossing The Art Farm is a registered non-profit organization of creative community builders. The organization believes that creative engagement outside traditional [read more]

Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival

The Gibsons Landing Jazz Festival is a volunteer run community festival presented by the Sunshine Coast Jazz and Entertainment Society. It is held the second weekend in June each year. The Festival weekend is preceded [read more]

Life Drawing

Life Drawing at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre meets each Tuesday from 10:00 until 1:00 to draw the nude model (alternating male and female). There are a series of poses beginning with 15 one-minute gestures [read more]

Life & Limn

The Life and Limn group provides an opportunity for artists to paint from the live model, usually nude, but sometimes clothed. There is one pose for the afternoon, using 20 minute sessions. Each week a [read more]


The Rogue Arts Festival is a 3 day outdoor, multidisciplinary arts festival including music, performance and visual arts, workshops, vendors, demonstrations, and whatever else is conjured up!

Sechelt Arts Festival

The Sechelt Arts Festival provides accessible arts programming to all residents of the District of Sechelt and area, showcasing local talent to residents and visitors in a professionally produced ten-day event. The Festival supports and [read more]

Sunshine Coast Astronomy Club

Our Sunshine Coast Centre is one of the most active in the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada and is celebrating its 11th anniversary in 2015. We hold meetings with speakers on the 2nd Friday of [read more]

The Harbour Gallery

The Harbour Gallery in Madeira Park is a place where local visual artists – beginning, emerging and established – come together in a spirit of sharing and co-operation to further their individual artistic development [read more]

The Sound

Local musician, community organizer and past Arts Council President Steve Wright returns to the Arts Centre by offering musical engagement in the afternoons in the music studio!

Alison J. Taylor I'm a painter working primarily in oils, and occasionally in watercolour, acrylic and mixed media. Since graduating from Emily Carr University in 2009, I have been exploring an intuitive style of painting.

Amber Webster

In the classic movie “The Little Mermaid”, Ariel lives in a whole other world under the sea. She loves collecting treasures from up above. Within her collection of human-made “thingamabobs” . . .

Bernadette Calonego Swiss-Canadian novelist Bernadette Calonego lives in Roberts Creek but she was born and raised on Lake Lucerne. She emigrated from Zurich to Canada in 2000. She has published two mystery novels, “The Zurich Conspiracy” and “Under Dark Waters” (which unfolds in B.C.), and a non-fiction book about Canada.

Bette Chadwick

Bette Chadwick was born in Lancashire, England and immigrated to Canada in 1957. An avid water colourist she is now exploring acrylics on canvas, paper, wood and gelli plate.

Betty Pehme Image making is my journey of exploration. I have a healthy curiosity and a need to express myself creatively through painting, mixed media, collage and printmaking, etc.

Bill Thomson

As an artist who works with found and recycled materials I utilize simple fabrication techniques and processes to transform common manufactured goods into up-cycled products or forms that offer alternative meanings . . .

Brian Romer Sechelt’s Brian Romer is a painter of Westcoast landscapes in the Canadian tradition. Most paintings are typically done on a small board en plein air, with some later reinterpreted on a large studio canvas.

Bruce Edwards Bruce has shown his artwork locally and throughout the state of Washington as well as Alaska, Hawaii West Africa. He has had numerous private commissions, and been engaged in public art with elementary students.

Christel Evers

Transformation inspired me to submit my found trash. As I walked along the beach the objects came into my sight and I left a cleaner beach . . .

Christy Sverre Bright colours, curious shapes and an explosion of energy characterize my semi-abstract paintings. Working with generous amounts of paint and a dollop of abandonment, I try to capture the joy I find in my subject.

Coast Raven Design Studio

Artie George (Woodcarver) and Richard de la Mare (Silver and Goldsmith) have been creating native art since 1970 and now specialize in art forms of top quality; wood carving and hand carved sterling silver and gold jewelry.

Derek von Essen

I recycle and re-contextualize discarded objects to create and overcome compositional challenges of combining common materials. Much like building a puzzle, I get the same thrill from using salvaged items when they form a connection to each other . . .

Diane Miles

I am a self-taught abstract artist that started painting four years ago, and have since discovered it has become an all-consuming passion. I am inspired by a need to create, and a love of colour, fashion and design.

Dominic Main

The forest is an inspiration. Regenerating itself – dead trees feeding the next generation of growth; the burnt offering of a forest fire clearing the way for new plants and trees . . .

Donna Balma

March 7 – April 1, 2018I have allowed the visual lexicon of my life’s experience to influence my own exploration of colour, shape and imagery.

Elaine Hunter My goal is to uplift, inspire and support you on your journey through life. I wish to excite you as you gaze upon the images of Nature that I create. I feel that I am revealing the soul of Nature, and hope that you too, experience the love that I have in my heart for the world around me.

Elizabeth Macdonald

I am a practicing professional artist of 45 years. Though self-taught, my education has varied with architecture, painting, and graphic arts.

Ellen Heale

Shattered is a reflection on the 'broken' aspects associated with everyday 'trash', over packaging, waste and the need to consciously mend our ways . . .

Evelyn Sloboda

Working intuitively with acrylic paint and mixed media, I play with colour, texture, mood and movement. I want to create a sense of depth, mystery and energy.

Franca Tesloveanu

I have been an artist for most of my life and I am self-taught and have experimented with many different media, mostly in the fibre fields and pottery.

Gaalen Erickson

www.backyardbowl.caGaalen lives in Vancouver where his shop is located in the corner of his backyard. “Found” wood from blown down or diseased trees on city boulevards or golf courses are his preferred sources for turning.

Heather Conn Heather Conn, MFA, is an award-winning writer and author of two nonfiction history books and two children’s fiction books. Her nonfiction has appeared in a variety of anthologies and 50+ publications, including The Vancouver Sun, The Edmonton Journal, Globe and Mail, and Canadian Geographic.

Jack Olive

My glazed work is fired to the low end of the stone ware temperature range at cone 1. It is food safe and oven proof.

Janice Edmonds

Janice was born on the Sunshine Coast and has lived here all her life. She has been painting for 15 years and her paintings are inspired by nature.

Janice Rafael Janice Rafael is a self-taught, contemporary abstract painter. Starting her artistic career in high school by winning a fine arts award, Janice has since presented her work in over 10 juried art exhibitions in the UK and Canada.

Jen Drysdale Strongly influenced by nature on the Sunshine Coast, along with my love of representational shapes and figures, my work, painted in both acrylics and oils, truly expresses my inner life.

Jennifer Goodwin – Floral Dialogues

September 19 – October 14I have been working with botanical imagery for many years, constantly exploring new mediums and visual expressions that allow me to portray the movement, energy and freshness of the surrounding natural environment.

Jennifer Poirier

Together with her husband, Jennifer work includes a range of projects including “Monster Dog”, a traditionally inked and digitally coloured comic book.

Jessica A. Gihon"My work evolves intuitively, images develop without any preconceived ideas. I enjoy the constant evolution of a piece, the changes, the challenges and the accidents that emerge are what feeds my creativity.”

John Tesloveanu

Always an outdoors man, John enjoys portraying the natural world around him and capturing moments that have made an impression on him, translating and incorporating them into his art.

Jone Pane I try to spread joy through forn, colour and image. Happy people don’t want war and respect their fellows. A smile passes from person to person and so do frowns.