July 2 – August 15, 2021

Pippa Lattey’s sculptures play with perception, movement, gesture, pattern and reflection. They can move, and make sound. She is interested in how humans use models of the world in order to understand it and to work within it: through science, philosophy and art. She works with technology but her thinking does not remain analytical. It moves away from the specific towards the abstract, away from the impartial towards the subjective, and away from the serious towards the playful. 

She experiments with the familiar objects that we live with every day. By assembling and animating these objects in unexpected ways, she brings about new situations and interactions, between disconnected materials and ideas, and between the viewer and the work. Her materials and found objects are tangible, and at the same time they are also symbolic and idealized. For example, balloons are cheap and disposable, but she stretches their lifespans and stretches their skins until they become precious and real. 

Pippa completed her BFA at Emily Carr University of Art + Design in 2016, and lives in Vancouver. Recent projects include a series of vending machines that dispense tiny art objects for pocket change, a public art commission, Gestures of Birds, installed in a New Westminster shopping center (2018) and an exhibition Into Orbit at PAVED Arts in Saskatoon (2020). She is currently working on a large kinetic sculpture incorporating the piano that was in the Blue Cabin: a squatters shack inhabited by artist and musician Al Neil from 1968 until 2015. This project grew out of a mentorship with Vancouver artist Luke Blackstone, supported by an Early Career Development Grant from the BC Arts Council, and a Research and Creation Grant from the Canada Council for the Arts.