September 12–October 13, 2019

Opening Reception: Sunday September 15, 2019 at 2pm
Meet the Artists: Sunday September 22, 2019 at 2pm

“Textures and Fragments” pairs the work of Teryl Mullock and Monica Gewurz in two concurrent and deeply connected exhibitions.

Drawing on her background in science, Monica creates evocative and purposely imperfect paintings inspired by nature’s geometric repetitions, patinas, time-worn layers and the amazing colours of dawn and dusk. The contrasts of the organic and inorganic elements in nature and the window this provides to dream-like places fascinates her. Her paintings reflect the scope of imagery as viewed from the vastness of space or through the lens of a microscope.

Texture and thin layers of colour are two key elements in her work as she aims to blur the line between painting and sculpture inviting touch by integrating natural and man-made materials. Each layer of colour and medium is partially revealed creating mesmerising luminous effects. The artwork allows the viewer to experience the paintings as through it’s the air itself allowing their subconscious to lead the way, sparking memories, and freeing their minds to wander, imagine, and dream.