You can help contribute to your community by volunteering at the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. We have many volunteer opportunities:

  • Gallery – attendants welcome visitors and assist in gallery operations (2 hr shifts)
  • Gardeners – help cooperatively to maintain our mature garden
  • Exhibitions – artists assist in the display of community exhibitions
  • Building – committee maintains all aspects of our building
  • Banners – volunteers paint the winning entries every January
  • Kitchen – assistants ensure exhibition receptions run smoothly
  • Fairs – volunteers assist with a variety of tasks (you may state your preference), including:
    • greeting visitors
    • giving breaks to vendors
    • set up or decorations
    • deploying posters/boards/flyers
    • etc.

If you’re interested in volunteering please contact SCAC or complete the form below:

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Thank you very much for your interest and help in supporting our local art community!