March 31st for Summer Workshops

June 30th for Fall Workshops

October 31st for Winter Workshops

Response time: 4-6 weeks

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council welcomes proposals from artists and arts professionals on the Coast to deliver workshops at the Arts Centre in Sechelt.

We are looking for workshops of the highest quality delivered by artists for artists, that focus on skills, techniques, processes, production and ideation. We encourage proposals that are hands-on, engaging and practical and seek individuals who are comfortable teaching and sharing knowledge.

To submit a proposal, please complete the form below.


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Delivery Preference:

Please choose your preference. We will make every effort to accommodate you request depending on the activities of the Arts Centre.

Workshop Revenue:

The SCAC will keep 30% of the revenue from the workshops, with the artist retaining 70%. The SCAC will provide all planning, programming, marketing, administration and facilities support. The artist is responsible to provide all materials and supplies necessary to deliver the workshop, as well as planning for set-up and clean-up time. This should be kept in mind when proposing a tuition price below.

Workshop Tuition:

Please propose a tuition amount per student, as well as maximum # of students. The Visual Arts studio is ideal for 12-16 students, depending on set-up. If you are seeking to offer a 'clean' workshop in the Gallery space, you can accommodate 25-35 students.

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