Welcome to the 2024 Young Artists Exhibition

Are you, or do you know a young person creating art? Take part in the 2024 Young Artists Exhibition!

This year we are introducing a theme to inspire your art! We would love to see submissions of artwork inspired by The Salish Sea. What does the Salish Sea mean to you? What can you find in the deep sea, on the shoreline, or on the surface? If the Salish Sea told you a story, what would it be?

Come by the Arts Centre to pick up a FREE mini art kit* if you would like a little inspiration for your themed submission!  *limited quantities available

The Sunshine Coast Arts Council supports artists in our community. The Young Artists Exhibition features work created in our local schools and is also open to youth who create art independently. Over the years we have seen our participants in these exhibitions go on to higher education and careers in the arts.

All participants receive feedback from professional working artists, a recognition gift, and an invitation to the exhibition celebration at the Gallery.

Deadline for submissions – Saturday, March 9, 2024 at 4PM

Exhibition Dates – March 15 – April 13, 2024 (Wed – Sun, Noon-4PM)

Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Sechelt , Claytons Heritage Market, The Painted Lady Art Supplies & Framing, and the Gibsons School of the Arts

2021 Young Artists

Ages 5 to 7

Ava Durrant
Annie Durrant
Stanley Gerlock
Fern Gerlock
Zoey Gower
Bowen Jeans
Danika Masi
Dawson McDougall

Ages 8 to 10

Nova Aho-Carroll
Keeli Gower
Jackson Izen
Michelle Kerie
Myra McDougall
Lilo Mjanes
Lauren-Grace Robinson
Rowan Sawatski
Miyo Shinagawa
Ayla Suffron
Ivy Suffron

Ages 11 to 14

Darwin Aho-Carroll
Salma Star Atoui
Jasmin Brown
Ashley Bruce
Ciana Lowis-Holiday
Kendra Hood
Sahara Isis
Phoenix Nimilowich
Taho Shinagawa
Reign Wade
Peyton Willis

Ages 15 to 18

Adam Cimbala
Kayla Evenson
Althea Hume
Isaac Izen
S. Martin

2020 Young Artists

Ages 5 to 7

Ryan Jamal-Swettenham for ‘Marie and Toad Meet Pikuniku’ and ‘Nessie Meets the Kayakers’
Danika Masi for ‘The Wild’
Ava Durrant for All Three Works
Stanley Gerlock for ‘All Three Works’
Orca Coates Franklin for ‘The Black Days’ and ‘What’s Happening Here?’
Chiara Hampvent for ‘3 Ways of Fall’
Jamie Jamal-Swettenham for ‘Battle of the Atlantic’

AGES 8 to 10

Nova Aho-Carroll for ‘Fairy Fox’
Jackson Izen for ‘A Jumble of Faces’
Sophia James for ‘Bright Bill Goes to Kindergarten’
Lauren-Grace Robinson for ‘Fall Leaves’
Lilo Parker Mjanes for All Three Works
Jada Mielke for ‘The Rose Patch’ and ‘Horse Valley’
Caine Uchida for ‘Where to Get a Haircut’
Taya Lily Bruce for All Three Works

AGES 11 to 14

Paylin Hudrick for ‘Red Sus Neon Painting’
Taho Shinagawa for ‘My Mom at Beach’
Darwin Aho-Carroll for ‘The Hive Mind’ and ‘The Golem’
Ava Meketich for ‘Art Rocks’ and ‘Mandala’
Salma Star Atoui for “We Take Pride’ and ‘Blind Pedestal’
Ashley Bruce for ‘Happy Sunset’ and ‘Mommy’s Elephants’
Hanna Buchanan Breit for ‘Wrapped’
Isaac Izen for ‘Kindergarten Line Rider Video’
Tyson Meketich for ‘Venom’
Lance Mooney for ‘Mockingbird’
Althea Hume for All Three Works

AGES 15 to 18

Julianna Conyers for ‘Freaks of Nature’
Anais Bayle for ‘Emerging’ and ‘Moths’

2019 Young Artists

Ages 5 to 7

Ava Durrant for ‘Nature’s Treasures’
Stanley Gerlock for ‘Colourful Neighbourhood’ & ‘Meatballs and Spaghetti’
Katie Wilson for ‘Cat Hotel’
Orca Coates Franklin for ‘Halloween of Terror and the Light of Christmas’
Kinley Murphy for ‘The Strong Team’
Raiden Oke-Glowacki for All Three Works
Jacqueline Robinson for ‘Sealife’ Fynn Reid for ‘Cobra Nest’
Lauren-Grace Robinson for ‘Spooky’ & ‘Stinky’
Louis Daniel Southwood for ‘The Beach’

Ages 8 to 10

Lilo Parker Mjanes for All Three Works
Miyo Shinagawa for ‘I Can Fly!’ & ‘Untitled’
Julia Stansfield for ‘Road Trip’
Oliver Benko for ‘Fun On The Roller Coaster’
Talus Lily for ‘Mis Fit Rainbow’
Lorelei Poirier for ‘Bird’
Taho Shinagawa for ‘Untitled’, ‘Heaven’ & ‘Trees’

Ages 11 to 14

Darwin Aho-Carroll for ‘Child and Kaiju’
Ava Meketich for ‘Dangle’
Phoenix Nimilowich for ‘Amy – The Deer Girl’
Ashley Bruce for ‘Waiting for the Bus’
Tyson Meketich for ‘Squiggled Skulls’
Salma Star Atoui for ‘The Coming Sway’ & ‘The Fallen Wings’
Althea Hume for ‘Apricots and Cyanide’ & ‘The Treehouse Neighbourhood Committee’
Isaac Izen for ‘A House (mine)’

Ages 15 to 18

Vivian Selmes for ‘Demontober: day 9 “flesh”’
Sarah Marshall for ‘Farmhouse in Winter’
Bela Ord for ‘The Heart’

2018 Young Artists

Ages 5 – 8

Olive Boyd for “Spiky”
Orca Salmonberry Coates Franklin for “The World of Scariness”
Katie Wilson for “Berry Trees”
Nova Aho-Carroll for “Girl by the Sea” & “A Bird Flies”
Jackson Izen for “No Name” & “Scrambled Eggs”
Lauren-Grace Robinson for “Cindella”
Tailu Guerin for “The Big Fish”
Ciana Lowis Holliday for “Whistling Whale & Bathing Birds”
Jordyn Mcnea for all Three Works
Kadence Pelly for “Goul Face”

Ages 9 – 12

Paylin Hudrick for “Tea Cup Bear” & “Baby Panda”
Talus Lily Jackson for “Bear”
Taho Shinagawa for “The Weather”
Mya Tosczak for “Sky Meadows”, “A Puzzle” & “Open Minds”
Darwin Aho-Carroll for “Bugzilla” & “Blue Thornhead”
Maathai Cole for “Tiny Tim” & “Bon appétit . . . Oui”
Salma Star Atoui for “It’s Not a Cat”
D’arcy Donovan for “Aurora Borealis”
Althea Hume for “Mystery” & “Drooling”
Isaac Izen for “Art in Motion: Basketball”

Ages 13 – 15

Erik Krutsky for “Autumn Beach” & “A Dream”
Lucy Wolchock-Brown for “The Periodic Table of the Elements” & “Apples on China Plate”

Ages 16 – 18

Anais Bayle for “Insectarium” & “Harmful Softness”
Trinity Goodsell for “Cloud Rainforest”
Bela Ord for “Two Birds” & “Jared and His Son”
Mekia Bakewell for “Carefree Black Girl

2017 Young Artists

Ages 5 – 8

Lilo Parker Mjanes for both illustrated books
Lauren-Grace Robinson for all three works
Jordyn Mcnea for all three works
Oliver Benko for all three works
Erick Benko for “Firefighters to the Rescue”
Amelia Brock for “Woven Wand”
Cadence Stelter for “Mushroom Flower”
Elsa Bradley for “Chilly Days”
Raphael Naspinski for “Owl”
Talus Jackson for “Abstract Thought”
Taho Shinagawa for “My Interest” & “Under the Sea”

Ages 9 – 12

Sarah Kraus for all three works
Lydia Bradley for both works
Claire Bathgate for “Lion”
Mattahi Cole for “Looking Up”
D’Arcy Donovan for “Snowy Mountains”
Martin Krutsky for “Parrot in the Jungle”
Katelyn Halvorson for “The Inner You”
Tianna Fenton for “Ash”

Ages 13 – 15

Isabel Diebel for all three works
Erik Krutsky for both works

Ages 16 – 18

Bela Ord for all three works
Trinity Goodsell for “Blurred Memories of a Starry Night”
Emily Picard for “Dia de Los Muertos”

Photos by Paul Clancy

2016 Young Artists

Ages 5 – 8

Lilo Parker Mjanes for her drawings
Miyo Shinagawa for all three works
Jordyn McNea for all three works
Erick Benko for all three works
Amelia Brock for ‘Butterfly’
Taho Shinagawa for “Wind Fairy” and “Fairy World”
Oliver Benko for “Captain Oliver” and “Japanese Ninja”
Charlotte Lowe for “The Monster and the Icicles”

Ages 9 – 12

Sol Battaglio for all three works
Isaac D Izen for “Rabbit” and “Walking in the Rain”
Nina De Leo for “Fox” and “Women”
Megan Kraus for “Constant Companion” and “Trying for Peace”
Martin Krutsky for “Jumping Orca Whale”
Ruby Foss for “Bird and River”
Kristoff Krutsky for “Seagull Relaxing on a Rock”

Ages 13-17

Bela Ord for all three works
Eric Krustky for “Bald Eagle Photograph” and “The Escape”
Anais Bayle for “The Gentleman” and “The Waiter”
Emily Picard for “Lion Fish Mermaid” and “Al-Mi’raj”
Peyton Lavery for “Christmas Skull”

2015 Young Artists

Selma Starr Atoui
Oliver Benko
Liam Nestman
Daphne Kubicek
Jordyn Mcnea
Hunter Lewis
Ruby Foss
Isabel Diebel
Jonah Byron
Taho Shinagawa
Martin Krutsky
Isaac D Izen
Erik Krutsky
Sofia Kardos-Machado