I am a multi-media artist and re-purposing found material is a part of my art practice. It gives my imagination a jolt and grants viewers of my work a new perspective on the discarded stuff.

“Trash Triplets” had their genesis while I was searching in my studio and I found a jar of wooden beads with painted faces. I individualized the faces and started sourcing stuff from around my house to use for bodies. I now look at the flotsam around me in terms of arms and bases for the assemblage figures.

“Bad Habit” was created when I was trying to quit smoking and succeeded in doing. I am a participant in an “Action Art” group called “The Merciless Sisters of Immaculate Perception” and for a time we were Nun obsessed.

“Bag Lady Bag” was made using a traditional rug hooking technique, but instead of wool fabric, I used torn garbage bags and cleaned chip bags. The satchel references the statistics on older single women being vulnerable to becoming impoverished and potentially homeless.