Coast Raven Design Studio

Artie George (Woodcarver) and Richard de la Mare (Silver and Goldsmith) have been creating native art since 1970 and now specialize in art forms of top quality; wood carving and hand carved sterling silver and gold jewelry.

Franca Tesloveanu

I have been an artist for most of my life and I am self-taught and have experimented with many different media, mostly in the fibre fields and pottery.

Gaalen Erickson

www.backyardbowl.caGaalen lives in Vancouver where his shop is located in the corner of his backyard. “Found” wood from blown down or diseased trees on city boulevards or golf courses are his preferred sources for turning.

Jack Olive

My glazed work is fired to the low end of the stone ware temperature range at cone 1. It is food safe and oven proof.

Jennifer Poirier

Together with her husband, Jennifer work includes a range of projects including “Monster Dog”, a traditionally inked and digitally coloured comic book.

Mary Bittroff

Delicious Christmas baking including brown sugar shortbread, butter/mincemeat tarts, homemade apple pies, cherry cakes, cupcakes and more!

Penny Stewart

Penny hand dyes and sometimes hand spins luxury yarns which she uses to create handwoven textiles such as blankets and household linens intended both for use and display.

Susan Macpherson

Fresh Christmas wreathes, swags & more made only with greens picked from the mountains & gardens on our Sunshine Coast

Westcoast Nuts

Home-made roasted and candied nuts, using simple and flavourful ingredients, in unique combinations. Made with goodness on the West Coast.