• Soap-Workshop-1

Melissa Campbell -Soap for Kids-

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I offer beginners an easier way of starting soap - a fun activity for kids!
  • Akaleka Owleye 1

Akaleka Owleye – “Felt You Up”

Akaleka Owleye is a self-taught fibre artist designing wearable fibre art for beauty and function.
  • Kuseno Comfort Products 1

Alan Poulton – “Kuseno Comfort Products”

Hand-made buckwheat hull pillows and flaxseed hot/cold therapy packs. The pillows are made with 100% cotton and filled with the hulls of organic, Canadian-grown buckwheat.
  • amberroad1

Amber Road Pottery

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An array of unique wheel-thrown pottery with rich textures and bright colours.
  • unnamed2

Beady Eye

Textile art wall hangings, framed and suitable for framing
  • BK-3

Brian Klassen – “BK Models”

My 3d wood charts and clocks focus on local Sunshine Coast locations such as Howe Sound, Gibsons, Sechelt, and Sechelt Inlet among others.
  • Modern-Hippie-Housewife-3

Carly Daley – “Modern Hippie Housewife”

Carly makes sustainable and all-natural health and beauty products from her home in Halfmoon Bay, BC.
  • Keith-Lehman-1

Carole Henshall & Keith Lehman – “The Poplar Studio”

Functional yet fanciful pottery wares in mid-range porcelaneous stoneware, glazed and decorated with studio-made glazes and decals, and either electric or gas fired.
  • Creighton Valley 1

Chris & Carla De Vries – “Creighton Valley Apiaries”

Creighton Valley Apiaries is a husband and wife team: Chris collects the most delicious varieties of honey while Carla makes beeswax candles with more than 80 different molds.
  • Molten-Spirit-Glass-Studio-1

Chris Motloch – “Molten Spirit Glass Studio”

Chris Motloch of Molten Spirit Glass Studio creates beautifully patterned and unique blown glassware, ornaments, sculptures and garden art.
  • christabels-1

Christabel’s Chocolates

Christabel’s Chocolates are made entirely by Christabel in Roberts Creek. She uses local ingredients whenever possible.
  • cindy1

Cindy Cantelon – “Earthly Creature Designs”

A love of nature and materials, original jewelry and sculpture inspired by nature are made in cast pewter, silver, bronze, copper and resin.
  • cr3

Coast Raven Design Studio

Artie George (Woodcarver) and Richard de la Mare (Silver and Goldsmith) have been creating native art since 1970 and now specialize in art forms of top quality; wood carving and hand carved sterling silver and gold jewelry.
  • coastal-animal-1

Connie Achterberg – “Coastal Animal Crafts”

Colourful wooden Christmas ornaments reflective of the wildlife found in Canada.
  • Darla-Van-Horne-2

Darla Van Horne – “Darla Van Horne Design

Fire and forging come into play when fabricating my unique, one-of-a-kind jewellery and wall Art.
  • deluxe

Deluxe Landscape & Garden Centre

Claire from Deluxe Landscape and Garden Centre will be demonstrating wreath making, festive planters, and other decor ideas.
  • Donna-Stark-2

Donna Stark – “Opulence Art Wear”

Donna Stark has graduated with both a diploma of Applied Arts in Textiles at Sheridan School of Design in Mississauga, Ontario and a diploma in Fashion Design at School of Fashion & Knits in Oakville, Ontario.
  • dylan2

Dylan Cappadcia

West Coast wildlife wood carvings for home décor created by hand.
  • Elaine-Futterman-1

Elaine Futterman & Mike Allegretti – “Creek Clayworks”

A complete range of ware used in the preparation, serving and consumption of food and drink.

Eric McDermott – “Acorn Woodworks”

Acorn Woodworks boards are made from several different types of maple, all bookmatched and all from reclaimed wood.
  • Franca-Tesloveanu-featured

Franca Tesloveanu

I have been an artist for most of my life and I am self-taught and have experimented with many different media, mostly in the fibre fields and pottery.
  • bbowls-3

Gaalen Erickson

Gaalen lives in Vancouver where his shop is located in the corner of his backyard. “Found” wood from blown down or diseased trees on city boulevards or golf courses are his preferred sources for turning.
  • Gillispies Pic 2

Gillespie’s Fine Spirits

Gillespie’s is an Artisan Craft Distillery located in Squamish, BC
  • JackOlive1

Jack Olive

My glazed work is fired to the low end of the stone ware temperature range at cone 1. It is food safe and oven proof.
  • JackPloesser-1

Jack Ploesser – “Fire and Ash Studio”

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Clay is a beguiling material, tactile and mesmerizing to work with. It can be frustrating and demanding but endlessly versatile.
  • jennifer

Jennifer Poirier

Together with her husband, Jennifer work includes a range of projects including “Monster Dog”, a traditionally inked and digitally coloured comic book.
  • Joanna-Holmes-1

Joanna Holmes – “Party Animal Dog Coats”

I live amongst the ghosts and flowers in Victoria. My love for companion animals led me into design and creation of clothes and accessories.
  • lps3

La Petite Souris Chocolate

Handcrafted chocolate confections on the Coast (since 2009)
  • img_4151

Karin Dieter

Wire and stone are brought together creating one-of-a-kind pieces of jewellery
  • Kathy Lind 1

Kathy Lind – “Apple Island Naturals”

What started as a small-batch soap-making hobby in 2008 has grown to include face care, beauty enhancement, perfumes, massage products, and aromatherapy products.
  • Kaye Miller 3

Kaye & Roberta Miller – “Miller Woodturning & Treenware”

Kaye and Roberta Miller, aka Miller Woodturning and Treenware, are participants at Hackett Park and for the past 15 years, remain a part of the Sunshine Coast crafts scene.
  • Taste-of-the-Okanagan-3

Kelly Hale – “Taste of the Okanagan”

These artisan foods have a distinctive, well-balanced taste with rich fruit and vegetable flavours, subtle herbs and spices and often a hint of Okanagan award-winning wines, spirits and ales.
  • 33-Kerri-Luciani

Kerri Luciani – “Kerri Luciani Designs”

Kerri Luciani has been creating eclectic one of a kind pieces of jewelry for over 25 years. Her passion & joy is reflected in each unique piece.
  • Kevan-Alden-3

Kevan Alden – “Alden Earthworks”

Kevan Alden, born a carpenter’s son, has always loved to work with wood, but early in life learned that he also loves to work with metal.
  • Hooray Truffles 2

Kim Kingston – “Truffles by Alanna”; “Body Buddy”

Our gourmet hand-dipped organic dark chocolate truffles are certified vegan, refined sugar free, and gluten free.
  • Anatomical Botanical 1

Kim Oka – “Anatomical Botanical”

Kim Oka is a Sunshine Coast artist, as well as a mother, a doula, and a childbirth educator.
  • shawl-175

Kittens Mittens Knit & Crochet

Fresh Christmas wreathes, swags & more made only with greens picked from the mountains & gardens on our Sunshine Coast
  • Koko-2

Koko Kishimoto – “Koko”

I enjoy using remnant fabrics and yarn to make interesting yet practical items for everyday use.
  • Kory Bogen 1

Kory Bogen – “Kory Bogen Ceramics”

Kory Bogen is a west-coast ceramic artist specializing in fun and functional stoneware ceramics.
  • Sinful-Designs-3

Lisete Cerqueira – “Sinful Designs”

I am a gem cutter and carver, with a fine arts/ sculpture background. As a gem cutter, I buy the rough rock, slab it, sand and polish it until I have the final product — the cabochon.
  • Lois-Thomson-Image-1

Lois Thomson – “Lois Thomson Hand Painted Fibre”

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Born and raised in rural British Columbia, Lois Thomson grew up with a strong creative spirit. Her lines, imagery, and choice of colours speak clearly of the rich flowing subtleties and textures she sees in rock, fauna, and water.
  • Red Pot Pottery 2

Lynn Sea – “Red Pot Pottery”

My work explores the beauty of nature, color and form. My collections consist of dishes, plates, bowls, cups, vases, teapots and decoration plates.
  • Eagle Mountain Leather 1

Marjorie & Al Smith – “Eagle Mountain Leather”

Eagle Mountain Leather makes belts, guitar straps and wallets from oak tanned cowhide carving/stamping leather.
  • Tree Drops 1

Mark & Peter Anson – “Tree Drops Garden Habitats”

Mark Anson discovered a pallet of thin sheets of old growth western red cedar in a UBC dumpster. He took them home and with the help of his family, brain storming around the kitchen table, came up with the Tree Drop design.
  • mary

Mary Bittroff

Delicious Christmas baking including brown sugar shortbread, butter/mincemeat tarts, homemade apple pies, cherry cakes, cupcakes and more!
  • dolman-bracelet

Mary Dolman

Mary Dolman has established a reputation as a northern artist, with a painting in the Yukon Permanent Collection.
  • Driftwood-2

Michael Fairweather – “Driftwood Treasures”

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I enjoy beach-combing in search of my next "perfect piece" of driftwood.
  • MikelGrant-3

Mikel Grant Jewellery

The power of self-expression through art has driven me throughout my life and given me a unique connection to others.
  • Nell's-Embroidery1

Nell Burns – “Nell’s Embroidery”

I essentially draw and paint with thread, using the needle as a pencil, and the fabric as my canvas. I’m constantly challenged and excited by the possibilities this technique offers.
  • Neva-Murtha-3

Neva Murtha – “The Spiral River”

Spiral River Designs are inspired by light, the sun, the ocean, nature, stars, truth, big old wise trees, stones of all types, as well as the alchemy of silence and the creative process that flows forth.
  • Penny-Stewart-2

Penny Stewart

Penny hand dyes and sometimes hand spins luxury yarns which she uses to create handwoven textiles such as blankets and household linens intended both for use and display.
  • rhinge5

Rhoda Lynagh – “The Rusty Hinge”

The Rusty Hinge utilizes repurposed materials to create natural garden displays.
  • Botanical-Bliss-2

Robin Round – “Botanical Bliss”

Robin will be back at Hackett Park Craft Fair this year with her International Award Winning Wild Hip Face Cream and 45 other hand-made herbal creations.
  • Sandra-Ramos-Image-1

Sandra Ramos – “Sandra Ramos Ceramics”

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Her work is salt-glazed and wood-fired in her salt/wood kiln in Madeira Park, BC. She has exhibited her work in galleries in BC and Alberta. Her work can be found at Crafthouse and craft shows around BC.
  • Sheenah-Main-1

Sheenah Main – “forest whimsy designs”

The majority of my work uses silver and copper, though at times I venture into gold, silver-plate and brass. Forest Whimsy Designs jewellery ranges from wrapping in silver, gold and copper to silver, copper and brass metal work.
  • Truffle-Junkie-4

Sheila Kavanagh – “Truffle Junkie”

A wonderful treat of the best chocolate to eat.
  • Blackford Designs 1

Stephanie Blackford – “Blackford Design”

Wearable Art Clothing Creations handmade by Artist Stephanie Blackford.
  • suesplants

Sue’s Plants & Gardens

Fresh Christmas wreathes, swags & more made only with greens picked from the mountains & gardens on our Sunshine Coast
  • handknits-1

Susan & Jane Handknits

Our one-of a-kind handknit and crocheted items use only the finest of yarns such as alpaca, merino, cashmere, mohair and silk.
  • macpherson

Susan Macpherson

Fresh Christmas wreathes, swags & more made only with greens picked from the mountains & gardens on our Sunshine Coast
  • Ratatouille-Designs-2

Susan Perkuhn – “Ratatouille Designs”

After 30+ years in the corporate world I was “right-sized.” A Canadian friend, who lives in Provence, suggested that I combine business with pleasure and seek out antique and vintage French textiles and “work with them”.
  • Tara-de-Grandmaison

Tara de Grandmaison – “Tara de Grande Maison Jewellery”

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Tara's style is modern contemporary, with many influences derived from European, and Latin Elements.
  • freda1

Taste of Home – Freda McDermott

“Taste of Home” offers a selection of preserves and baked goods based on British recipes.
  • Beachwood-#2

Terra Setterstrom – “Beachwood Jewelry”

Beachwood Jewelry Designs presents refreshing, uniquely designed pieces that reflect the nuances of nature.
  • westcoastnuts-2

Westcoast Nuts

Home-made roasted and candied nuts, using simple and flavourful ingredients, in unique combinations. Made with goodness on the West Coast.