The Sunshine Coast Arts Council is a volunteer-based society founded February 22, 1966 to raise the profile of local artists and artisans. Our mandate is to broaden the opportunities for the citizens, artists and artisans of the Sunshine Coast to enjoy and participate in local cultural activities.

Over the years the Sunshine Coast Arts Council has been a vital resource for the artistic and cultural life of the Sunshine Coast community. The Arts Centre building includes the ‘Doris Crowston’ public gallery, music studio and art studio. The Arts Centre was build by the community for the community and we proudly share this beautiful building with artists, artisans, community groups, and the general public. The Sunshine Coast Arts Council hosts a variety of cultural events at the Arts Centre and in the community throughout the year including: workshops, concerts, readings, film showings, lectures, public events, and children’s activities.


The name of the Society is THE SUNSHINE COAST ARTS COUNCIL.

The objective of this Society shall be to increase and broaden the opportunities for Sunshine Coast citizens to enjoy and to participate in cultural activities, and shall include the following activities:

  1. To help coordinate the work and the programmes of cultural groups on the Sunshine Coast
  2. To stimulate and encourage the development of cultural projects and activities
  3. To render service to all participating groups
  4. To act as a clearinghouse for information on cultural projects and activities
  5. To foster interest and pride in the cultural heritage of this community
  6. To interpret the work of cultural groups to the community, enlist public interest and promote public understanding
  7. To bring to the attention of civic and provincial authorities the cultural needs of this community

By Laws

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