Creighton Valley Apiaries started with Chris having bees as a hobby. As time went by his hives multiplied each year to the point where it became full time work. Pollination was the main focus at first, but when his wife Carla started making beeswax candles in their tiny laundry room, the business took on a new direction.

Today Chris has his bees in various crops and fields collecting the most delicious varieties of honey. The strong taste of Buckwheat blossom to the most common Clover blossom, with Blackberry, Blueberry, Raspberry, Fireweed and Wildflower blossom in between makes it hard to choose a favourite. The latest addition is Cinnamon Creamed honey which makes toast taste fantastic.

Carla has been making beeswax candles for over 10 years now and has over 80 different molds. When new ideas for molds come up Chris is there to create them for her. Carla spends every day in her shop and never tires of the beautiful smell of the beeswax. Come check it out and take home some delicious honey and a beautiful beeswax candle to brighten your day.