Robert Keziere and Jordan Louie 

Branching Songs

Reaching Further, Growing Closer

Slow Fashion + Climate Action

Artesia Coffee House + another Artesia mention + another (not SCAC specific)

Nadina Tandy and Jean Bradbury

Literary Reading + another Literary Reading mention (not SCAC specific)

Weaving a Gathering Place workshops

Ports of Entry

Friends of the Gallery 2023


Young Artists and Banner Project 2022

Deck the Halls 2022

Art Crawl 2022 (not SCAC specific)

Clare Crawford and Bridgette Potter-Mael


Journeying Toward Abstraction and During My Life

Slow Fashion 2022

Rainbow Women

Journeying Inward  (not SCAC specific)

Friends of the Gallery 2022 + another mention (not SCAC specific)

Pergola + looking forward to 2022


Young Artists 2021 (not SCAC specific)

Hackett Park 2021 (not SCAC specific)

Pippa Lattey and Penny Dunford

Young Artists and Our Ancient Forests

Diversity in Clay artist talk (not SCAC specific)

Diversity in Clay

Shingle sale (not SCAC specific)

Friends of the Gallery 2021


Young Artists 2020

Our Ancient Forests

Meme Me

Immersion in Nature and Forest Skin

Hackett Park 2020 cancellation

Performing Flux

COVID Re-opening


Kathy Page reading

Artesia Coffee House 2020

Friends of the Gallery 2020


Young Artists 2019

David Chariandy reading

Teryl Mullock and Eve Gewurz (not solely SCAC focused)

Hackett Park 2019

Another article about Hackett Park 2019


All That We Are

Artesia + All That We Are (not SCAC specific)

Dolphin Street Banners

Joe Denham reading

Social Media Workshop

Deanna Knight Artesia Coffee House

Daniel Heath Justice reading

Business Communication Workshop

Friends of the Gallery 2019

Record Friends of the Gallery Submissions


Young Artists 2018

Deck the Halls 2018

Art Awards

John Pass reading

Credit Union Donates to Arts Council

Ted Chamberlin reading

Allison Taylor Exhibit

Hackett Park 2018

TrashFormation exhibit

Abstracts Exposed and Elemental Details exhibits

Artesia (not SCAC specific)

This is Who I Am exhibit

This Earth exhibit

Claudia Casper reading

Dolphin Street Banners 2018

Persistence of Shapes exhibit

Artesia Coffee House (not SCAC specific)

Friends of the Gallery 2018


Young Artists 2017

Banners 2017


Life and Limn exhibit

Hackett Park 2017

50 Canadian Things exhibit + another article

Nadina Tandy/Donna Balma and Melissa Tulloch exhibits

Point of View and Transfigured Shape exhibits (not SCAC specific)

Joan Haggerty reading

Dennis Cooley reading

Surrealist Alphabet exhibit + Artesia Coffee House (not SCAC specific)

Flow and Imprints of Nature exhibits (not SCAC specific)

Friends of the Gallery 2017


Young Artists 2016

Celebrating 50 years

Artesia (not SCAC specific)

Where I Am Coming From and Sculptures of the Sea exhibits

Seeing and Being Seen exhibit

Works in Wood exhibit

Bruce Edwards Art Camp

Refractions exhibit

Artesia + Artesia again (not SCAC specific)

Soul to Surface exhibit

Friends of the Gallery 2016


Young Artists 2015

Call for Award Nominations

Life Drawing Exhibit (not SCAC specific)

Memories of a Dancer and Art Dolls exhibits (not SCAC specific)

Pat Ridgeway and Brian Romer exhibits

51 Shades of Grey exhibit

Culture Days workshop

Friends of the Gallery 2015


Young Artists 2014

From Far and Near exhibits (not SCAC specific)

Into the Wilderness and The Good Old Boys exhibits

Hackett Park 2014

Metamorphosis exhibit (not SCAC specific)

Young People’s Art Show (not SCAC specific)

Respond and Reflect exhibit

Going Coastal exhibit (not SCAC specific)

Artesia Coffee House (not SCAC specific)

Friends of the Gallery 2014

Literary Readings Series 2014


Deck the Halls 2013 (not SCAC specific)

Artesia (not SCAC specific)

Gordon Adaskin auction

Ceramics on Edge exhibit (not SCAC specific)

Heather Spears workshop

Young Artists 2013







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