January 6 – February 4, 2023

Friends of the Gallery

Small Gallery: The Weather

Artwork Drop-Off: Wednesday, January 4th (10 – 6PM)

Reception: Friday, January 6th (5 – 7PM)

Artwork Pickup: Sunday, February 5th (Noon – 4PM)

The Friends of the Gallery (FOG) is our annual celebration of the creativity of our membership. This exhibition launches our new year, and features the work of members of the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. The exhibition is a long-standing community event that has spanned more than 25 years. Its aim is to involve the broadest range of local artists, to acknowledge the role of the arts in our community, and to celebrate the extraordinary diversity in materials, forms and approach. Artists are invited to submit one piece of art they have completed in the previous year to be shown in this group exhibition. Maximum size is 36″X48″ for 2D work submitted.

As another option to the open submission call: this year, we added a new section – a curated component that explores a specific theme prompted by a local artist’s work. We invited artists to submit a work that considers “The Weather”. On the Coast, 2022 has been a year of weather extremes, with new words to describe them – atmospheric rivers, heat domes, deep freezes and many others. We are excited to see how creativity intersects with our experiences of weather on the Coast. Thank you to Allyson Clay for sharing her work “Weather Ouch” as the spur for this years’ theme.

We invite you to spend time with the works, and if you can, purchase one and support a local artist.

The SCAC would like to thank our generous sponsors who make our ongoing work possible: the SCAC Membership, the District of Sechelt, the BC Arts Council, the BC Gaming Commission, the SC Community Forest Fund, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and the Sunshine Coast Credit Union.

List of artists – 2023:

Agnete Newman
Alan Sirulnikoff
Alanna Wood
Alexis Bach
Alice Hanson
Alison J Taylor
Ann Stampfl
Annette Horton
Bette Chadwick
Betty Pehme
Bev Niebergall
Brian Baxter
Bruce Edwards
Cambria Logan
Carol-Anne Almquist
Carolynn Doan
Constance Chapman
Cornelia van Berkel
Darlynne Gehring
David Evanson
David Kilpatrick
Dean Vantschip
Denis Fafard
Devon Blean
Diedra Goodwin
Donna Stevenson
Doug Jinkerson
Elaine Seepish
Eldon Underhill
Ellen Heale
Emily Picard
Evelyn Sloboda
Francine Desjardins
Gail Junnila
Gordon Halloran
Isobel Gibson
Jan Jensen
Jan Major
Jan Poynter
Jane Covernton
Janice Edmonds
Janice McFegan
Jill King
John Clinton
Jon Bell
Julia Neale
Karen Bruce Webb
Katherine Johnston
Kathryn Fullerton
Kaye Miller
Ken Symons
Kevin McEvoy
Laurie MacHale
Leonard Brett
Lex Hanson
Linda May Henri
Lorena Ruth
Lorraine Gallant
Lydia Avsec
Margo Karda
Margot Hallman
Marilyn Marshall
Marlyn Butt
Maureen Sugrue
Melanie Eastley
Nicola Morgan
Paddy Meade
Patricia Bowers
Penny Dunford
Philip Jagger
Ray Niebergall
Rose Clarke
Russ Tkachuk
Ruth Bruecker
Steve Murdoch
Tam Harrington
Teresa Hanson
Tess Carter