February 126, 2017

“If you want to find the secrets of the Universe, think in terms of ener-gy, frequency and vibration.” – Nikola Tesla

Anyone who has spent any time at all in the forest can surely attest to the sense of peace that can be found there. There is nothing more healing or soothing, than immersing yourself in the ambience and sacredness that a stand of trees can of-fer. Indeed, people seeking healing have even coined phrases such as ‘forest bathing’. But although this wisdom is as old as time, it is just recently that we are beginning to return to the ancient Earth wisdom that once came so naturally to us as a species.

Everything on the Earth has a vibration. We have various vibrations that comprise our bodies, and we are surrounded by a myriad of vibrations in the world around us. When we are vital and healthy, we are literally in ‘harmony’ with Nature. But increasingly, our physiologies are adversely bombarded by the dissonant frequencies created by wifi, cell towers and even just the electrical activity of our homes alone. All of this contributes to the overload that our body systems experience when they are pulled further and further away from their natural and healthy vibratory states.

This body of work strives to express the peaceful, grounding presence of the Pacific West Coast Rainforest environment. My own experiences with ‘forest bathing’ and my lifelong reverence for the forest as a most healing and life-giving place is explored in the colours, shapes and compositions rendered in oil on canvas. The forest as ‘cathedral’ is a core theme of the new works created for this exhibition. The piece entitled “Cathedral” pictured here, represents a launching point for the new works that have further explored the abstraction of the forest shapes created by intersecting branches, trunks and foliage into a sort of stained glass effect of fragmentation and colour. This leaning away from literal depiction is an invitation to the viewer to experience the sacredness of the forest space in their own personal ways.