October 18–November 12, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, October 21st, 2-4pm
Meet the Artist: Saturday, October 28th, 1pm


Life begins as a blank canvas full of potential. Paints are the events, brushes are the emotions. The pleasure and satisfaction of life is the mingling of colours, textures and shapes, building layers of stories. To me, the tip of the brush is a thousand tiny fingers rubbing in the paint and each bristle has a unique personality. The act of painting takes me out of myself into another realm. Therein lays the magic of creation.

I value each piece for having the ability to convey words unspoken or feelings otherwise suppressed. Internal conflicts disperse with the pleasure of creativity. I set no limits on materials used. I savour the movement of creamy paints, unforgiving ink, hot and cold plastic, or velvety graphite spread passionately on a simple white surface.

I paint to express. As long as I have emotions, I shall paint.

“Unbelievable that all of this is from one incredibly talented soul.” – Valerie Gibson

Opening Reception photos by Paul Clancy