2021 Life Drawing Group Exhibition

February 12 – March 14, 2021

Cindy Cantelon, Cindy Riach, Paula O’Brien, Bruce Edwards, Coral Arrand, Devon Blean, Janice McFegan, Katherine Johnston, Kevin Wells, Leonard Brett, Louise Valentine, Nena Braathen, Russ Tkachuk, Vicky Marshall, Christel Evers, Victor Wong, Brian Baxter, Judith Miller, Diedra Goodwin, Dale Morgan, Claude Perreault.

This exhibition will mark the 36th anniversary of the Tuesday Life Drawing Group and will include drawings completed between 2018 and 2021. Drawings include works in pencil, pen, conté, charcoal and digital drawings on iPad. Drawings untouched back home in the studio have a spontaneity, freshness and immediacy ordinarily not seen in art exhibitions where the usual criteria include polish and composition. Drawing times range from one to thirty minutes.

Tuesday Life Drawing Group Artist Statement

When artists work from direct observation they give their full and undivided attention to capturing as many fine details or as much dynamic character in the given time as they can in their own unique style and medium. By drawing from the live human form, their powers of observation are heightened and sharpened and they really learn to SEE. This regular weekly practice informs the rest of their artistic output however it manifests itself. This is the core “ballet class” and their studio works are their “performance”. Without all that hard work at the barre the dancer cannot soar later on stage.

Our artists come from the entire Sunshine Coast, ranging from artists with many decades of experience to beginning artists of little experience. Works in this show are from the “generation” of artists drawing at the time of the show from the relatively stable core of artists who draw every week on Tuesdays September to April. 

The group is drawn together by respect for the time-honoured discipline of drawing from life, the beauty and complexity of the human body. They are there to learn their craft, sharpen the skill of “seeing” and the privilege of drawing the nude body under natural daylight, a unique opportunity in life drawing which we are so grateful to enjoy here in Sechelt.