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After 2 years in business, One Thing Lockets is now proudly a team of 4 local Moms with a mission to helping fight physical and mental isolation everywhere. Together, we hand-make our vegan, Swarovski, and non-allergenic vintage brass locket jewelry in house and we donate 10% of all sales to local (and worldwide) programs that help Mothers with Postpartum Depression. The founder, Setareh Bateni, was inspired by a documentary to start One Thing lockets. She set out to use jewelry as a way of getting people’s messages of empowerment, love, peace, and encouragement out in the world to see how valuable and similar we all are.


We ask people all over the world “What is ONE THING you bring to this world?” and puts their answers in our lockets for you to find! In this way, each locket we sell comes with a little message from someone else the world, connecting you to the value them! When you get your locket, your package will also have water resistant blank paper so you can write a message as well. You can write and wear the ONE THING that inspires/empowers/heals you and keep that reminder close in your locket. Or, you can gift a message of empowerment in the locket to help someone else.