The joy of being an artist, is that the adventure of never knowing with any certainty where your work will take you – what previously was unknown is suddenly revealed. The word that best expresses this phenomenon is known as serendipity. Every artist has experienced it from time to time – in fact, at times, probably even relies on it. But one can never count on serendipity to emerge and save the day. More important, it is the artist who creates possibilities by creating choices, which constantly appear. Remember, to do nothing, is to make a choice.

“In the human condition, everything has a meaning, everything has a consequence. We know more of consequences – less of meanings. Choices, no matter how one might try to avoid making them, will persist. After all, to do nothing is to make a choice.”

So, meanings, consequences and choices, and serendipity, all are vital elements in the artist’s tool bag. Whoever said that making art is easy?