August 23–September 17, 2017

Opening Reception: Saturday, August 26th, 2-4pm
Meet the Artist: Saturday, September 2nd, 1pm


In the human condition, everything has a meaning, everything has a consequence. We know more of consequences – less of meanings. – RBW

Choices, no matter how one might try to avoid making them, will persist. After all, to do nothing is to make a choice. – RBW

There are any number of elements that go into creating a work of art. One is the fundamental ability to explore – the ability to discover unforeseen possibilities. Coupled with exploration is the ability to experiment – to dare to try something hitherto untried or experienced. It does not mean that intelligence is neglected for the haphazard. It does mean that the repository of our life experiences, the hidden meanings and consequences that direct us, the events that have shaped our being, that have directed the choices we make – are all in play – and when fully engaged and activated, exploration and experimentation give birth to imagination – and from imagination comes creativity.

The joy of being an artist, is that the adventure of never knowing with any certainty where your work will take you – what previously was unknown is suddenly revealed. The word that best expresses this phenomenon is known as serendipity. Every artist has experienced it from time to time – in fact more often than we care to acknowledge. More important however, it is the artist who creates possibilities by creating choices, which constantly appear. Remember – to do nothing, is to make a choice.

So – meanings, consequences and choices – and serendipity – all are vital elements in the artist’s tool bag.

Whoever said that making art is easy?