May 28 – June 27, 2021

Greta Guzek, Jen Drysdale, Kim Lafave, Jennifer Love

This exhibition showcases the work of a diverse group of artists who have, in their distinctly individual styles, been exploring the possibilities inherent in using monoprinting on a gel plate as an essential element in their process. The making of a hand-pulled print adds, in its process, an extra excitement to the final artwork. Printmaking in general has been undergoing a resurgence in the art world. The boundaries that once defined it have blurred and for many artists, it is a central part of their art practice, no longer a secondary or reproductive activity. 

In one area, that of monoprinting, the gel plate is a recent addition to the toolkit, and is beginning to gain traction as an essentially painterly method that allows for multiple but unique prints from the same plate. Prints may be spontaneously executed with no preliminary sketches, or may involve elaborate planning and careful registration. The alternatives for creating texture and pattern are endless. The balance of intended and unanticipated results lends an intensity to the mark making, and a freshness to the image printed.