April 22 – May 14, 2022

In partnership with Sunshine Coast Fibreshed Society

Slow Fashion and Climate Action

Artists: Althea Hume, Breanna Picard, Emily Picard, Jamie McCarty, Kendra Hood, Scarlett MacPherson

Mentors: Ann Harmer, Alexis Bach, Catherine Nicholls, Danielle Stephens, Jessica Silvey, Maya Bergeron, Trish Clooney

Fashion Show: TBA

This exhibition looks at rethinking our relationship to textiles in the context of a global climate crises. Over the last few decades, we have become increasingly reliant on cheap, disposable garments and textiles; an industry whose catastrophic effects are manifested in poor labour conditions, increasing non-recyclable waste and the production of toxins and chemicals that enter into our natural systems. For many, the scale of the problem seems overwhelming and expansive. This exhibition asks us to begin with the local, and to consider how how to love and care for our clothes, and to find ways to make them say who we are, and what we believe in. The project and exhibition empowers youth to interrupt the inevitability of these systems and processes. Working within a local context, what role do youth have in raising awareness of these problems, while learning practical skills that help them begin to manifest the change they imagine?

It is the culmination of a two-year partnership with Sunshine Coast Fibreshed Society. It included a residency at the Arts Centre, a series of community workshops in the Fall, and a six-month program that engaged young artists in reconsidering their relationship to textiles through developing practical skills and exploring how to become involved in positive and fun climate action. The works included reflects the diverse workshops explored in the program, from colour theory and branding, to quilting, pattern drafting, Coast Salish weaving, Nuno felting and garment reconstruction. They learned about local fibres, experimented with dyes from local plants and mushrooms, learned visible mending techniques, and explore sustainable fashion trends and experiment with repurposing material.


Sunshine Coast Fibreshed develops and nurtures a regional fibre system based on local fibre, local natural dyes, and local labour, within a culture of soil-to-soil regenerative and sustainable agricultural practices. In light of damaging effects of the textile industry on a global scale, SC Fibreshed believes in supporting a grassroots network of local fibre artisans, fibre producers, and fibre consumers to help reduce negative environmental impact. They respect sustainable, regenerative agricultural practices and value natural local fibre and dye botanicals for fashion and utilitarian uses. They believe this support will contribute substantially to building a vibrant local fibre related economy, right livelihoods, happy community. and ecological balance.

The SCAC would like to thank our generous sponsors who make our ongoing work possible: the SCAC Membership, the District of Sechelt, the BC Arts Council, the SC Community Forest Fund, the Canada Council for the Arts, the Sunshine Coast Community Foundation and the Sunshine Coast Credit Union.