I am Suzy Naylor, a painter, living in Roberts Creek. My art is about the process of painting. The subject matter of the painting is only the excuse to play with the paint. I am fascinated by what happens when I move paint around on a canvas. What intrigues me about paint is how it can be manipulated, which is why I have chosen to work with acrylics. There seems to be no end to the possible effects that can be achieved with them.

When I look at the world, first and foremost, I see colour. Shapes and forms are vessels for holding the colour. Colour is the unifying element in my paintings.

I work with a wide range of styles and subjects. I choose to ignore the conventional wisdom that says you must pick a style and stick with it. My subjects include: landscapes, very loose renderings in the traditional still life genre, quirky interpretations of real and imaginary people and abstracts. The real joy for me in painting is seeing what emerges on the canvas and then following that until it becomes a finished painting.