Sheenah Main – Administrator

“I consider myself extremely lucky to be able to work in such a beautiful building constantly surrounded by interesting exhibits and individuals. After a career in film and television production my job as administrator at the Sunshine Arts Council harkens back to an even earlier career in arts administration in both Vancouver and Toronto. I am one of the lucky ones who enjoys my time at work!”


Tammy Williams – Bookkeeper

“I have been connected with SCAC since 2008, originally on staff as the Facility and Administration Manager, and since late 2008 as the contract Bookkeeper through my company Essential Office Services. I have been privileged to be able to indulge my love for the arts and my work with non-profits and charities through my long term relationship with SCAC.”


Leslie Thompson – Fundraising Manager

“As a seasoned fundraising professional with a background in arts administration, it is a pleasure for me to be writing grant applications for the Arts Council. I am amazed at the amount of creative activity taking place on the Sunshine Coast and particularly at the Arts Centre in Sechelt.”


Talia Walkey – Website and Administrative Assistant

“My name is Talia Walkey. I am currently studying Digital Design and Development at British Columbia Institute of Technology. I study computer coding, graphic design, and business, which led me to the job of Website and Administrative Assistant with the Sunshine Coast Arts Council. I aim to design, create, and market my own app.”


Grace Telfer – Archival and Administrative Assistant

“My name is Grace Telfer. I am an Elphi grad. I am majoring in English and minoring in Professional Communication at the University of Victoria. I love learning about our community’s past and present. Working at the Arts Centre allows me to do that due to its long history and affiliations with community groups. I get to interact with these through my archive and administrative tasks. I’d like to work in publishing.”