The Sunshine Coast Arts Council supports the young artists in our community through three different annual programs. The Young People’s Own Show exhibits work created in our local schools. The Banner Awards Program engages elementary students in designing street banners for Sechelt. The Young Artists Awards is open to youth who create art independently. We are proud to continue the annual Young Artists Awards which was initiated in 1988. Over the years we have seen our participants in these exhibitions go on to higher education and careers in the arts.

The Young Artists Awards are judged by a panel of working artists who feel passionate about encouraging creativity in young people. Gift cards for art supplies are provided for selected works in the four age categories. Awards are based on: presentation, originality, use of design elements, craftsmanship and communication.



a) Please enter up to 3 pieces of art. Eligible works include any of the visual arts: drawings, paintings, prints,mixed media, photography, videos, ceramics, fabric arts or sculpture.

b) Entries must be solely the work of the young artist – NOT created in school and not copies of

assignments. Only original works created in 2017 will be accepted.

c) Label each piece of artwork on the back with: name, age, title of piece, telephone number and/or

email address and contact person.

d) Attach the entry form to one of the pieces. Package the pieces together carefully because the

Arts Centre cannot be responsible for damaged or unlabelled work.

e) Pieces intended to be wall mounted must be ready to hang. Works on paper should be unframed and mounted on a larger piece of paper or behind a paper matte.


There are four age categories:

5 to 8 years

9 to 12 years

13 to 15 years

16 to 18 years


The final deadline is Sunday November 19 2017 at 3:00 pm.

Deliver entries to the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre at Trail and Medusa in Sechelt. Gallery hours are 11am to 4pm Wednesday through Saturday, and 1pm to 4pm on Sunday.


All entrants will receive a certificate recognizing their work. The work will be juried by a committee of working artists who will make awards based on: presentation, originality, use of design elements, craftsmanship, and communication.


All works will be exhibited at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre from November 29 – December 16, 2017.


A reception will be held on Saturday December 16 at 2:30pm at the Sunshine Coast Arts Centre. All participants and their families and friends are invited to attend the awards ceremony and reception. Participants are asked to bring a sweet or savoury treat to share.


Following the reception on Saturday December 16 until 4pm. If you are unable to pick up the art at that time please arrange to pick up the art in the New Year when the gallery reopens.

Photos by Paul Clancy


To the young artists honoured with special recognition!

2016 Young Artists Awards

Ages 5 – 8

Lilo Parker Mjanes for her drawings
Miyo Shinagawa for all three works
Jordyn McNea for all three works
Erick Benko for all three works
Amelia Brock for ‘Butterfly’
Taho Shinagawa for “Wind Fairy” and “Fairy World”
Oliver Benko for “Captain Oliver” and “Japanese Ninja”
Charlotte Lowe for “The Monster and the Icicles”

Ages 9 – 12

Sol Battaglio for all three works
Isaac D Izen for “Rabbit” and “Walking in the Rain”
Nina De Leo for “Fox” and “Women”
Megan Kraus for “Constant Companion” and “Trying for Peace”
Martin Krutsky for “Jumping Orca Whale”
Ruby Foss for “Bird and River”
Kristoff Krutsky for “Seagull Relaxing on a Rock”

Ages 13-17

Bela Ord for all three works
Eric Krustky for “Bald Eagle Photograph” and “The Escape”
Anais Bayle for “The Gentleman” and “The Waiter”
Emily Picard for “Lion Fish Mermaid” and “Al-Mi’raj”
Peyton Lavery for “Christmas Skull”

2015 Young Artists Awards

For Specific Artworks:

Selma Starr Atoui
Oliver Benko
Liam Nestman
Daphne Kubicek

For All Three Artworks:

Jordyn Mcnea
Hunter Lewis
Ruby Foss
Isabel Diebel
Jonah Byron
Taho Shinagawa
Martin Krutsky
Isaac D Izen
Erik Krutsky
Sofia Kardos-Machado