September 30–November 1, 2015

“The Vote portrays a suffragette mother being hugged by a grateful daughter. Suffragettes demanded the right to vote and through the ability to vote to be recognized as persons, not just for themselves but as well as their daughters and daughters of daughters. We owe much to these determined women, since we are still benefiting by their courage and sacrifice today.

I have been an artist for most of my life. Having experimented with a variety of art media, mostly in fibre, and after taking some time off, I decided to start using skills learned through pottery, sculpture, fashion, and sewing. With an interest in recycling, I made one-of-a-kind sculpted art dolls in 2011, for the Art Crawl.

Since then I have produced several Art Dolls and have had 4 dolls published in Art Doll Quarterly, a leading art doll magazine out of Laguna Hills, California. Dolls are made of paper clay, cloth and metal armatures. Most clothing and items used on dolls are made especially for each doll, from recycled materials.” – Franca Tesloveanu