May 10June 4, 2017

Art is visual and emotional. My goal is to create a piece of art that has an impact on the viewer and that creates an emotional response. People will ask “What does it mean?” “What is it about?” To me those are the wrong questions – it doesn’t matter what the painting means to me or what I was planning when I created it. The viewer should just look at it, and experience what they feel and what storyline they create for the piece.

My art process is fluid. I start with a plan and plot it out, but once I start painting things evolve and change. My art process is not like painting a still life where you see the apple, and then you paint the apple. It is more that I will decide to paint sadness. My intension is to paint a sad woman, but then the painting evolves: now she is crying, now the tears are red, maybe the tears are blood.