March 126, 2017

Leonard brett has created a new alphabet that combines language and visual motifs. These forms of communication become inter-changable, open to interpretation with multiple levels of reading. The reader interacts with symbols and semiotics in this visually stimulating book. There are many paintings with correlating anagrams and letters.

In these works design elements such as color, pattern and form are used to produce emotional responses. The art is echoed, channeled by the meaning of the riddles. Language and letters are used as visual art.

It is an interesting and absorbing use of visual symbols and language. This book takes the reader on new and unknown journey. The reader can be creative in the way they comprehend and interpret a previously unknown world. Art is used as language with literal references .

The drawings in the book were used as a reference to produce the engravings shown in this exhibition. The engravings are done in the traditional manner using a burin to cut the plate, there is no acid used. They are inked and printed the same way as an etching on damp rag paper.