Young People’s Programs: Mono-printing and Natural Materials

Friday September 27th 9:30-3:30, Ages 8-13

$50 for members $75 for non-members


This one-day workshop will introduce you to monoprinting techniques using natural materials including leaves, bark and branches. You will explore how to create textures and compositions using simple materials found all around.

Young people’s workshops offer lessons from a senior artist on using natural materials to create mono-prints through a variety of techniques such as tracing, etching, and ink transfers. Created for young people ages 8-13 to engage them with art, nature, and the world of visual arts in a day-long workshop on their pro-d day. Maximum 16 participants per workshop.

9:30-12:00 Theme exploration and material collection

12:00-12:30 Supervised Lunch

12:30-3:30 Technique practice and art-making