May 10June 4, 2017

“My paintings are dynamic, colourful and atmospheric, with an overall emotional energy, sometimes expressed through the recognisable physical world, and sometimes not.

Through my art I am looking both inward, and outward, exploring that which is both common, and unique, to us all. I hope my paintings inspire joy, but also reflection and introspection, a combination of all that it means to be human.

Shakespeare mused that “the web of our life is of mingled yarn.”

Yes it is.

Dig deep for the gold, bur remember, pebbles are also beautiful.

The idea behind the title”Point of View” is that whatever one experiences in life depends on that given moment in time, where one is standing, and in which direction one is facing; in a landscape; in a crowd; in life; in oneself; perhaps facing in two or even multiple directions at once. Life can be complex but while simplicity is the visual goal in my art , perhaps the content and emotional landscape is not. I hope the viewer looks deep.

Most of all I want people to enjoy my work. There is fun and sensual delight, colour and texture, gold and pebbles in that mingled yarn!” – Colin Righton