February 10March 13, 2016

My art is a process of aimless painting. With a specific experience in mind, paint splatters and runs onto the canvas. Eventually the piece takes shape into something that I can work on. Inspired, I continue until I feel it is ready to be shown.

During the past year, all that I experienced has changed my painting from Expressionistic Abstractions to glimpses of figurative images embedded deep into my abstract pieces. I desire to tell a story with my art.

An empty canvas to me is an invitation to fill it with colours and lines. Ever since I can remember I have had a pencil in my hand. I communicate best with this pencil on canvas. When in meetings or talking to people I draw to be best understood. If I am away from art making a day or two, my nervous energy starts acting up.

Life is short.
Buy the artwork.
Drink the wine.
Order the dessert.

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